Newbie Here



I’m a writer by the way.


Thats cool. what have you written so far?


I have written 4 stories and all of them are Fan-Fiction so far.

And Then My 5th one is going to be A Romance/Musical/Adventure/Fantasy with a dash of comedy Called Amelia And The Magic Lamp.


That sounds exciting. What kind of fanfiction do you write?


Crossover Fan-Fiction


Hi folks,
all newbies are of course welcome in the pub. Have a beer, a wine, just stay away from the peanuts, they tend to be less than fresh. If they aren’t, they belong to the OrangUtang, and he won’t be amused if you nick them.
Apart from peanuts, there’s another rule and that’s about the topics. Let me copy the bit from the pub intro for you:

Q4) Can I promote my epic new story here? A) No.
Q5) Can I promote somebody else’s epic story here? A) No

Now, you’re not exactly promoting yet, but I can see the discussion veering that way and I just wanted to drop a quick reminder.
Enjoy your drink!


wow cool


henlo and welcome