Newbie Romance Writer Club version 5. Chatting about writing and sharing experiences.


Join our thread if you are a newbie. You can also join if you are not lol. Let’s share and talk about our writing experiences and writing stories and a lot of other stuff. You can ask help from the group. This thread is more active than you think. If you are interested, hop in here and chat with us. We welcome you all. Don’t afraid to talk to us. We won’t bite you. We are friendly.

Note: Don’t advertise your story or book here. Don’t share your story link here. This is not a thread for that. We are shocked to see reminders from club ambassadors. Hope you all understand. Thank you have fun chatting.

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Yay you opened up the thread here too! I hope to see everyone here once the clubs shut down.


I just started a new romance story with a little bit of light fantasy but…I’m just really bad at writing romance. I still want to try writing it. I’m stuck and words don’t flow from me haha :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


I’m sure you will get better at it. Just gotta practice. Have you tried writing some short things as practice? I like to call them one-shots, shorter than a short story but still self contained.


I didn’t think of that. I’ll practice it. Thanks!


Yeah I hope so too. So how are you? Done any Writing today?


I’m doing alright. Haven’t done any writing yet but have also only been awake for an hour. I’m going to do some later on today though.


You’re welcome!


Hi and welcome to the thread! I agree with @Medula-Oblongata you have to practice but the again you have to practice at any style of writing. What is your story about?


LOL I forget the time diffrence. :slight_smile:


I haven’t said hello in this thread for a while. It is so crazy to be here instead of the old one. :wave:


About a couple, the girl MC loves and cares for her boyfriend but her boyfriend doesn’t show or even know how to be affectionate. The MC gets annoyed with him and was about to give up, but discovers she turned him into a cat and they have to work together to break the curse. It has been 9 chapters already and I’m thinking of rewriting some scenes again. The title is Cat-titude; I wanted it to be silly and cheesy I guess :sweat_smile:


It’s been a long time since we said hello. How have you been? How is writing going? And I agree with you it feels weird to be on this new forum platform.


Wow that sounds like a funny story.


Haha, yeah, it’s not even 9 AM here yet. I will get to writing things in the afternoon though for sure. I am almost done with a one-shot and should be able to post it soon. Though I also need to make a new one-shot collection. This one though is fantasy unlike my other one-shot collection (which is romance). I am torn between calling the collection Fantasias (to go along with my other collection, Nocturnes), and Phantasmagorias.


Thanks for opening the thread! I’m sure we’ll get used to this new platform. In fact, I didn’t really have time to get used to the old one :smile:


Okay, I see. it’s the middle of the afternoon here and I’ve gotten some writing done already.Yay, me! :slight_smile:


Hi glad you found this thread over here. I think you have an advantage of being new to both of them. For me it’s like re-lening something LOL.


Writing is going well. I just started a collaboration project with a friend. I never knew writing with someone could be so much fun. And I’m really happy with the progress Affliction has made in the past 4 months, it hit 20K reads last week. :hugs:How are things going for you?


I’m not new…but I am back from a looonnnnnnggg break. Hiiii!