Newbie Romance Writer Club version 5. Chatting about writing and sharing experiences.


I know. It’s good that you don’t have to have everything figured out straight away. Even your will to change something in your life says it all :slight_smile:


Hey…I’m good. Getting ready to see my boyfirend. :slight_smile: how about you?


The family is good. Writing not going so well but I’m trying to get into it. Deadline is 2 weeks away. Might make it might break it. It all depends on how long this block will be. But I have about 95% written of the story.

How is your writing going?


Hey sweetie I’ve missed you too. How are you? How’s work?


I’m alright. Wasn’t able to finish NaNoWriMo, but oh well. Currently am making covers for a couple things I am gonna be posting today


Hi. I always enjoyed writing stories. Currently I’m writing a Romance story and i’m not sure if i’m any good at it and i tend to get stuck very often. Is it just me?


Hejsan. Välkommen till tråden.
I also get stuck while Writing but I’m trying to get unstuck by diffrent strategies.
What is your story about?


Yeah but I already decided it so I can’t wait to go abroad. haha it is kind of sad to leave my friends but I don’t know. I just can’t wait to start my new life


One is about a caterer who crossed path with a rich guy. They had a misunderstanding and things got rocky. He knew that she wanted to expand her business and was trying to buy the place that she leased and went behind her and got it any way.The money that he requested from her to obtain it was way too much and so she had to work for him in order to prevent losing her business. Lol I’m bad at summaries but basically that’s what it is about. :blush:


Hey long time no chat. how have you been?


hello nice to meet you, sweetie. Dont worry about the struck. I always get a lot and now I am suffering that. LOL. You are not the only one


I’m doing alright. Been trying to work on my writing a lot and get other things done. Limited success lol.


Nice to meet you too. Thank you glad that I am not alone. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s good fro you. i have been suffering massive writer block these days. i could even produce a word. Argh it is making me crazy


You are not. I am here. I couldn’t write these days and it have been more than a week.


Same its so frustrating at times.


I hate writer’s block, it’s the worst. How long have you been in block?


A week and few days. The funny thing is its like the last five chapters of the book. Because i was planning to end it. I hate it too.


Yeah. it is really frustrating.


more than a week maybe two weeks. I don’t want to count because I am too lazy for it. haha