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Btw I am now celebrating. My story finally got 1000 votes. Yay! I didnt imagine I would get it before I finished but I got it and I wanted to share my happiness with you guys. I am really happy right now.


I totally understand. Congratulations by the way that’s wonderful :clap::tada:


Ah I see. Well, here’s hoping you can get out of block soon. I have a few things that have been in block for over a year and it’s really annoying


I hope so too.


Yeah it is and I am literally on cloud nine now haha


Really. It is so long I hope you can get out of that too


Not at all! I do that all the time. I have really bad writers block sometimes for several weeks and then I get a burst of inspiration and write three chapters in a row. Its just the creative process I guess :woman_shrugging:


Totally agree. Sometimes you are on a roll and another time you are just lost.


Yeah, same. I also hope I can stop being so freaking sleepy. For some reason all I feel like doing today is taking a nap.


I badly want to do that but unfortunately i have a project to complete for someone and also to cook. The struggles :sweat::tired_face::sweat::sleepy:


Yup, I know the feel. Technically I have nothing to do today and could take a nap, but I hate sleeping during the day, I sleep too much at night as it is.


Ok well watch a movie. The sun is too hot to sleep in the days for me.


I’m rooting for you! Hopefully you make it!

Well I did hit Nano and even finished my Nano novel. So that’s finished and just posting the chapters on a schedule. Currently working on the second short story in my The Husbands of Our Love Series. So the first which has been finished since before NaNo will be finished posting next week. I hope to have the second ready for weekly posting come first week of January. So technically I just need to get at least 4 chapters written by January and I have one done, working on the second chapter.


I think it sounds like a good base for a story. Have you posted it on WP?


That’s great that you finished your NaNo novel. And I’ll say happy posting chapters to you. And thank you for the support I really need to get back to writing but it’s harder than I thought it would be. I’m still fangirling over this guy.


Yes i have. I’m almost finish then i will start editing.


Ah! Well, hell! I can’t blame you there! Lol

He’s delish!


Oh cool. What is the story called?


I know right! Totally drool worthy. So I recommend the series Early bird (Erkenci Kuş) to everyone LOL. I’m so in love with it. There is a channel on Youtube with English subtitles.


I haven’t written going on 5 days now lol. I’ve done a lot of reading and set up for this weeks posts, but that’s it. I’m being such a slacker! Lol

I’ve thought of starting to work on the version of Our Love I would publish, but I just don’t know.

Did you get any words down?