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Hey guys…sorry I disappeared yesterday…I had an emergency…anyone here today?


Hello, I am here. Is everything okay?


Oh, yeah…my friend’s father had a stroke so he called us immediately yesterday and I went there…I don’t know why all those bad things are happening lately to the people I care about…but otherwise, I’m fine…and I’m glad to be back again…how are you?


Oh jeez, sorry to hear all that. I am doing alright. Been a pretty uneventful day thankfully.


Thank you…how’re your stories going? :smiley:


They’re going pretty well actually. I actually have enough material to have regular updates for the next few weeks.


I’m so glad to hear that…I fell like I’ve missed on so much stuff here on wattpad


Possibly, I dunno. Can’t say I’ve really noticed too much going on but I am not known for paying attention XD


Sorry to hear that :frowning:
How is your writing going?


Hey…thank you :slight_smile: it’s going pretty well…I took two weeks of a break to compose myself again and I’m so happy my story is going to continue…how about you?


Awesome! Mine’s going great, I’m surprised about my views so I’ve written about 12 more chapters :joy:


Are your views going up? :slight_smile:


I haven’t gotten anything done with my story.I haven’t read it either. I haven’t read any stories for that matter. i was thinking I’d do it today but I’ve had a bad headache so I’ll read some stories tomorrow I think.


Ooo! I hope your migraine is better.

I managed to get chapter two written. It took all day, which it honestly shouldn’t have but I found any and every distraction to make it stretch out. Overall I’m pleased with how it turned out despite how long it took.

I wrote a 36 chapter book in one month. A 45 chapter book in 5 weeks. I should be able to write a 13 or so chapter short story in a month. :roll_eyes: :unamused:


That’s great. Nevertheless I wish you luck with your writing. I will try to get something done today. Even if it’s just reading other peoples stories. But as of right now I will try to rest some, I had to stay home from work today too.


Hello, anyone here today?


ME :raising_hand_woman:


Good morning everyone :slight_smile: I’m back after a bit of a hiatus
I brought heart-shaped cookies :slight_smile:


I’m hungry too. :frowning:


Sorry :frowning: you’re more then welcome to have one…virtually. This always happens lol