Newbie Romance Writer Club version 5. Chatting about writing and sharing experiences.


STOMACH GROWLS Gosh I hate dieting/eating healthy. You’re never full. Never.


Again I’m sorry :frowning: other then that how are you doing?


I’m doing fine! And how about you? I’m just at the libaray editing/revising a chapter for a YA WIP.


I’m okay just slowly getting back into the forums after being away for a whole, and nice I’m currently editing my romance WIP :slight_smile:


Ooh. What’s it about?


It’s a high school love triangle sort of thing, with a couple twists. What about yours?


It’s a YA gender-bender inspired by loads K and J-dramas. It’s supposd to a cute romance sprinkled with bits of hilarity throughout as Asian drama’s do. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh nice that sounds interesting :slight_smile: I’ve only watched a little bit of K or J dramas so I can kinda imagine what you mean :slight_smile:


Yup. I love them to death. Everyone is so cute and lovable.


Yea I don’t do a lot of cute and lovable myself so I can admire that :slight_smile:


What are your tones for your stories? Mine range from uppity cute to depressingly dark.


Oh well then we may share very similar story tones then because mine usually have a touch of darkness in them in some form :slight_smile:


I like dark stories! But I do perfer them in fantasy than anything else.


Fair enough I’ve never actually written fantasy before so yea. :slight_smile: Do you normally write YA?


No. Fantasy is my thing/bias, but I do dabble in the contemporary from time to time. Especially in New Adult.


Cool, well I’m jealous I struggle to write fantasy so that’s super cool :slight_smile:


Don’t do it. It’s super effin’ hard. LOL I’m just kidding. It just depends on how much stuff you want to make up and make it make sense to the world you’re tying to create.


Lol I suppose that’s very true and yea I don’t know how much my brain could create before melting :slight_smile:


Mines is already there…:expressionless:


Oh that sucks, I don’t know how to treat a melting brain other then maybe brain freeze…that’s like the opposite right? lol