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LOL Yup. Good one.


HELLO! I’m a sucker for romance. I’m working on one right now (Teen Fiction Romance). Once I finish that up, I plan on doing two spinoffs under two different romance genres: New Adult Romance and Adult Romance.


Thanks I was curious if that would actually be humorous or not :slight_smile:


It was.


Hello :slight_smile: Nice to meet you, how are you today?


So how’s the editing going?


I perfer New Adult to anything else. I guess because I’m in that age range.


Horrible. I’m a hard-ass on myself, you see, and think everything is crap so I rewrite and rewrite until is sounds good to me. It’s makes me a very slow writer, and unable to finish a WIP.


Doing pretty good actually, working on the next chapter for my book


Yeah, I know that feeling. My Teen Fiction is a mixture of YA and NA in one. I’m making the spinoffs New Adult and Adult since the characters will be older and have matured since then.

The cover I made for it too will DEFINITELY attract people to it.


I wish I was good at making covers and banners. I bet the cover is going to be awesome.


I can kind of relate, my big problem is that I cant sense the tone of my story and whether it’s sad or not and then I start to think its crap because I experience other stories and it makes me emotional :frowning: so it’s a constant ugh feeling


Awesome, what’s your current story about?


Finding tone is tricky thing, too. I’ve problems with it also.


It is.



Good Lord… DROOLS He’s delicious. Or i’m just thirsty.


My current story involves this girl named Bartleby Honeycomb, who has to enter this club called the Bad G.E.N.T.L.E.M.E.N’s Club, made up of 9 gentlemen (hence the acronym) after getting into a fight. Her goal is to help them become better people for society and stuff.

Plus, if she gets into another fight, she’s expelled from the school. I’m currently 20+ chapters into the story and have been working on it since June.


I literally just reverse image and found it and I was like, “IMMA USE IT!”.

But yeah, the NA spinoff is a sports romance, the Adult spinoff is an action romance.


Well I’m glad I’m not the only one. The worst is when someone says that the stories sad and I look at it and go really? lol


Oh that’s awesome, good work :slight_smile: