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Thanks! It also managed to reach 1K reads around October, I’ve been promoting it a lot and stuff.


Which sport? Hocky? Football? The other football?


Boxing/MMA Fighting.


We can’t control a reader’s interpetation. I wouldn’t be to worried about that because that’s going to happen all the time. Author Intent is a strange thing.


Oh nice I haven’t had a story hit numbers like that in a while. So congrats :slight_smile:


Thanks! :smiley:


Ooh. Now I like that. Make him know how to do Muay Tai, Judo, Pencak Silat, and Akido.


Yeah, going to definitely have to do some research first for the book. It’s in the planning stages atm.


Ah nothing wrong with that. doing research is of my favorite aspects to writing. Since I’m a fantasy writer at heart, I love delving in mythology, folktales, and history. You can find a LOT of interesting stuff on the webs/libraries.


Btw @Causality where’s your profile? It’s not in your info page.


You can do that? Didn’t know. I just thought if you clicked on the profile pic it would take you there. You don’t want to see my page anyway. It’s…bare. I’ve nothing up, and I’m not active as I’d like to be. :persevere::disappointed:


Awh, I want to see it! :smiley:

Wait, lemme search for it


Note, couldn’t find it


Well damn. I found yours. Your covers are awesome BTW!

I think the universe is against me. :sweat:


Awh, thanks! (totally wasn’t going to ask for a follow, LOL XD)

And don’t worry the universe loves you :smiley:

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D’aw. Thanks. BTS! I’m an EXO fan myself.


I love BTS and EXO :smiley:

Plus a lot of other Kpop groups, I’m multifandom for life


But yeah, speaking of covers, I do have a Graphics book that’s pretty big. I pretty much consider that though more of an evolution book though since my Graphics evolved SO much.


ME TOO I also watch a ton of Asian dramas. Most of my contemporaties are based on them with either Japanese or Korean female leads. LOL


Those look so good right about now :drooling_face: