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Hi! Any advice for newbies?


Practice dose make perfect, obviously. Wish I had the time to learn to do it myself. I used to draw alot but I got off track with that somehow, too. I blame college.


Oh thanks, and yea they definitely do :slight_smile:


I have seen some KDramas on Netflix, but not a lot.

I STILL HAVE YET TO WATCH GOBLIN. I know everyone says it good and sad, plus, Gong Yoo.


I literally got goosbumps. Good god that’s delicious :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


Like what? Writing. Getting noticed? What?


Everyone loves abs. Confirmed.


Writing romance, please and thank you


I’ve the App DramaFever to watch others not on Netflix. I’ve not watched Goblin, either. Just another show to add to my “TBW” list as well as my “TBR” List for books.


Well for one thing, you’ve got to have interesting characters, and make sure their romance is realistic and has great chemistry. I, for one, love slow-burns. I think it’s the best sort for sexual tension and having readers root for the couple to get together. You have to raise stakes and put them through hell. It’s not about the destination of the HEA but how they get to it.


Thank you! I agree, I like slow burns more. I don’t like love at first sight stuff. I’ll stretch out the romance!


I don’t like it either. The vast majority of couples in reality don’t do that–but there are always those rare cases, of course.


Right! It just feels rushed.


Indeed. Make them go through hell to be together, too.


Will do!


Then you’re off to a great start.


Yep! Nearly at 500


I’m back everyone, if anyone’s still here :slight_smile:


Hello, I am here


Hey what’s up?