Newbie Romance Writer Club version 5. Chatting about writing and sharing experiences.


Not really, but I ended up reaching 51,311 words in all.


I wish I could update the word count though because it’s STILL going and hasn’t ended yet.


Well there’s lots of potential to make new friends here to :slight_smile:


Oh nice that’s awesome :slight_smile:


Yeah. I did it via Nanorebeling though




That’s true. I guess I haven’t really found my place here even though I’ve been on WP since April. This thread’s great but I don’t want it to be the only thread a post in y’know?


" A NaNo Rebel is a NaNoWriMo participant who chooses to write something besides a novel of at least 50,000 words in November. Some NaNo rebels choose to revise and edit their novels, while others wander into the worlds of nonfiction, video games, scripts, and academic writing."


Makes sense and absolutely I understand. I’m still trying to find my place as well in some regards since I’m pretty much just around here. :slight_smile:


It can apply to anything (novels, current WIPs, eytc)


Awe I see, I’m fairly new to NaNo so I’m still learning :slight_smile:


I have tried posting in a lot of threads but it feels like more than half the time my posts either get ignored or get one word answers. Though, I’m not very good at conversation. Like, I would love to talk to someone about characters and such but I can’t seem to find anyone to do that with


Understandable, I’ve been gone from here in a month and all the threads I had were dead, and the conversations I have had pretty much ended up getting killed by me lol I wish I knew how to talk to people better


Saaaame. I don’t know how to talk to people really. I love sharing stories and ideas with people but like, it seems like no one cares.


The “We Need Friends” threads are the worst case of this. I literally try to talk in that thread and I end up getting ignored. I even got tagged in there by someone TWICE, responded hours later, and got ignored.

It’s best to go to the writing threads, they definitely give conversations there.


Yea I feel like I struggle to connect to people, even though I want to. Well if it means anything I care :slight_smile:


True I think it all depends though, I’ve never really made my way to the writing threads though


I’m glad to hear it. We should talk about characters sometime =) Remind me, what’s your current story?


Currently I’m rewriting one of my already posted stories it’s a love triangle story. and yea we should talk characters sometime :slight_smile:


I highly recommend them, they do help out. I’ve gained some followers through there.