Newbie Romance Writer Club version 5. Chatting about writing and sharing experiences.


No time like the present eh? Would love to hear about them =)


LOL :joy: Yes, Abs are always a plus :heart_eyes:


Well there’s basically a guy and two girls the boy is pretty neutral and the one girl is a sweetheart, and the other girl is bull in a china shop. lol Sorry I had to go eat something :slight_smile:


I literally just found it online. I was like, “Okay, abs. That’s perfect! Most New Adult book covers have this!”

Not even joking when I thought of it because it’s true XD. But then again, abs work!


Sounds like fun. I can’t say I’ve ever really written a love triangle before.


Yea it’s interesting especially when they try to kill each other :slight_smile: What about your characters?


I have a ton of characters since I have a lot of stories that aren’t complete. One of my stories though, the two main characters hate each other at first but then later grow to love each other. I love enemies-to-lovers lol


Oh that’s cool, I’ve never written one of those before so I’m kind of jealous lol most of my characters do hate each other at some point though.


Hi and welcome to all the new people in the thread!
And hello to old friends as well.


I wish i had them but you know, junk food feeds my soul :woman_shrugging:t2:


How are you feeling today? Better I’m hoping.


Read, read, read. Especially the type of romance you are looking to write. Then just write. It won’t be perfect at first but the more you write and get feedback on what you write the more you’ll improve.


Now I have a cold so my throat is sore and I’ve had a fever. How are you doing?


Hello, how’s everyone doing? :slight_smile:


Revising for a test sadly :frowning:


Oh that doesn’t sound fun. What’s the test on?

And I’m just editing and trying to not pull out my hair lol


Hello I have a cold but other then that I’m fine. Haven’t done any Writing for my story in a long time and my deadline is set next week. I’m gonna sit here and wave at it as it flies by. LOL What are you up to?


Lol well I’m sorry to hear about your cold, I hope you feel better soon, and at the moment I’m just proofreading a story so nothing to exciting. Is this the first day of your cold?


Religious studies
Ooh don’t pull your hair out!


I’m not don’t worry it’s just such a drag lol.

and oh interesting well I hope your test goes well :slight_smile: