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No it’s my third day so I’m hoping I’ll get well soon so I can go back to work. Proofreading can be fun.


Oh well that’s good, I always find the second day is the worst


I’m cramming it’s tomorrow lol


Oh well at least you have some time…unless your days almost over…


It’s 6pm here so I have time luckily!
Unless I fall down the rabbit hole that is Youtube


yea youtube is a curse sometimes lol :slight_smile: and wow its still the morning here


Oh geez, I’m so sorry. That’s terrible. Get well soon!

I’m good just tired today.


Hello there everyone, how’s it going?


For me it was the third day that really got me beat. But I hope to get better for the weekend so I can work next week.


Thanks. i’m gonna try to get a good nights sleep and hope that helps.
So what have you been up to today?


Fair enough I’ll cross my fingers in hopes of a speedy recovery :slight_smile:


Thanks. So how is the proofreading going?


Just finished like an hour ago, now I’m going back to edit my posted stories so that my readers don’t hate me for all the mistakes lol


Okay that sounds like you have your work cut out for you.


A little, I just noticed some of the older ones have a lot of mistakes. lol. What are you up to?


Um I sat and wrote a 2k word summary of Our Love because I am trying to decide if I want to add it to the spin offs so people who don’t want to read Our Love before reading the Fierce series can follow what is going on. There is a lot of mentioning of things that happened in the main novel. I just don’t know if I should do it or not. Add it, that is.


I’m just sitting on Facebook looking in a Fandome Group about the series I’m addicted to. Other than that I’m drinking tea.

I hope you’ll get your stories in order.


I see. Well I think you should add it if you want people to read the Fierce series without Reading Our Love. That is just my advice.


@AndreaSVessman Hello, how’re you doing today? Make any progress on your book?


I’m still sick. I woke up before the alarm today because my throat hurt so much. So haven’t worked on my book at all today. I think I might read a little of it later when the kids are in bed.
What are you up to today?