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Hello anyone here?


Aww sorry to hear that that’s awful. I hope you get well soon!


Thanks I hope so too. So what are you doing today?


I’m a bit late, but Hello Kelly how are you?


I got some writing done and finished reading a book. Gonna probably be lazy much of the rest of the day


Not good. I need happy pills :joy:


Did you read a book for the bookclub again? And being lazy is good sometimes.


Do you have a lot to do at school is that’s the reason for your unhappiness?


Hey guys! Its been a while! How is everyone?


I did the other day, this book was a traditionally published book. Part of a series. It’s not all that great but I am in too deep lol


Doin’ alright. I didn’t meet my NaNoWriMo goals but oh well, I did manage to get enough writing done to post regularly for the next couple weeks.


That’s great! I’m sure your readers would prefer things that way!


I bet so. I haven’t really got any readers though so I can only guess XD


I’d rather them read the main novel first but because the Fierce series have more naughty bits especially considering they are short stories. I think they would attract the erotica readers but as they stand they would be hard to follow plot wise on their own.


I know how that feels! Haha


I see well I’m one of thoes readers that always follows a series of books through even if they are not as good as the first or second one. So I totally get you.


Okay well then I think you should have the summery. I know you would like your readers to read the novel first but it’s hard getting them to do so. LOL


Yeah that’s how I feel too. I think I’m possibly missing out on readers because they can’t be followed well without reading the novel.


Yeah same here. If the first book is good I will continue the series. If I don’t like the first book though I won’t continue it. I can think of two times where that happened. One was boring, the other I realized I hate the whole ‘alpha male’ thing lol


Nope school is fine. Just someone judged my book really really bad. He said my book is like someone in sixth grade wrote it and my book is a mess. So, I am here heartbroken by that. :cry: