Newbie Romance Writer Club version 6. Chatting about writing and everything else



This is a continuation of the Newbie Romance Writers Club Version 5.

Welcome to this club thread. We talk about everything from writing to pop culture. We are here to make friends and have a good time on the forum. I hope that old and new members will find this thread.

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Note: Don’t advertise your story or book here. Don’t share your story link here. This is not a thread for that. We are shocked to see reminders from club ambassadors. Hope you all understand. Thank you have fun chatting.


Woohoo new thread!


Woo… I’m glad you found it. :slight_smile: Please tag more people if you know of any that was very Active in the old thread.




I’m here! Thanks for creating the new thread!

Tagging @ClarityNMercy


Hi. I was on the old thread somewhere. When I came back to look for it, it was gone. I guess new ones are started at a certain point?




I see. I am still trying to figure all this out.


It’s pretty easy after a while. I think the limit here is 10,000 whereas in the old thread it was 2,000. Much more posts to be had in a single thread.


Oh wow, that’s a big difference. I kind of like scrolling through and reading it all. I’ve learned a lot about the site and picked up some good stories.


Hello, welcome to the thread!


Oho, there’s a new one!

Does anyone have a story (in or outside WP) that they feel deals with romance really well? No cliches please ;_; I’m looking for a reference because I hate the way I’m taking the genre on


Hi people! Wasn’t here last time, so I’ll introduce myself. I’m Erin, 21, and started my current book on Wattpad about a month ago. I really like the community, so many nice people!!


Hi. thank you! How are you?


I’ve been better. At work and feeling sick


Hello everyone :blush:


Hi and welcome to this new thread :slight_smile:


No problem and thanks for tagging @ClarityNMercy :slight_smile:


Yeah it hit 10,000 posts last night so I started this new thread right away.


Hi and welcome to the thread. What is your book about?