Newbie Romance Writer Club version 6. Chatting about writing and everything else



Care to take a wild guess what Goddess I am?


Hello all, shift at work is almost over woot






What’s up?


Not much. Writing. You?


Cleaning my kitchen and hanging out with my cat Luna.


Cats are pretty great


My cat sits on my desk while I write in her basket.


Aww cute


Hi. How is everyone tonight?


Good. You?


I’m doing good. I’m taking a break and nosing around these chats.


Break from writing ?


Yup. I was on a roll for a while, then hit a wall. So I am stepping away for a bit. It usually comes back if I do that.


Well cool ^-^. Hope it works out!


Hello everyone, I wrote a chapter last night!


Good morning. That’s great! By your excitement, I am guessing it went well for you?


Yeah it did. Finally got a chapter posted after a while of not posting


It feels good to get something posted. I keep tinkering with my latest chapter. I think I am finally ready to put it up.