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Hey all!


Hello! How’re you?


What’s your story about?


It’s a dark romance. A woman moves to a new town and marries a man who turn out to be abusive. He also has his brother, who is believed to be dead, in the basement. The wife and brother form a friendship and eventually more.

What is your story about?


It’s a fantasy romance about a former slave and her relationship with a demon hunter who’s infamous for having died and escaped from Hell. Also her adventures in fighting villains




I haven’t read much fantasy romance. I think I will have to check that out. Sounds interesting.


Sorry for the random outburst lol. I have a thing for dark romance and mysterious events like dead people not being dead BUT IN THE BASEMENT.


It’s ongoing. I have 12 parts up so far. And I will be putting up another shortly.


WELL. Congratz friend.


I would be thrilled if you did! I have 7 chapters posted so far


Finally got some progress into Chapter Twenty-Seven…feels good.

A fan favorite is returning officially, for the first time, since Chapter Three. Oh man, I’m so excited for him to be back.


Just found it. Cool cover!


@StuartCampbell5 Hey, how’s it going?

@Medula-Oblongata @amys99999 @SoulBurningBright Good afternoon / evening / whatever time it is where you are! @amys99999 Your story sounds intense and a bit terrifying! It’s on my ‘to read’ list (which is admittedly a little backed up right now :blush:)


What’s the name of your story?


I’m quite good, though I’ve picked up an injury playing football yesterday so I had to leave work today. How are you?


Hello, dear! It’s 4:17 PM. Life is well.


Good afternoon all


Hey, how are you? I understand the backed up reading list. I try to bounce around to all the ones I have saved. My story isn’t that scary, just a bit suspenseful.


Ah, The Greatest Obsession…for now. With the second draft it will be changed to Gentlemen Do Not Bleed. It’s a historical LGBT vampire romance.