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It’s going not too bad! Though I’ve been stuck on the couch all day. What about you?




Found it and added it


Details a Victorian Era aristocrat’s engagement to the girl he’s been with four four years, his move into the home of his future father-in-law, and the untimely, “blasphemous” (because the times), and passionate affair he forms with a male vampire who once was his worst nightmare.

Meant to be tragedy of sorts, characters (f-cking Elijah the protag) are very flawed and lowkey insane, no one is innocent.


@SoulBurningBright - Glad to hear it!

@StuartCampbell5 - Are you feeling a little under the weather? :anguished: I’m slogging through another work day (currently about 1:30 in the afternoon) hoping to get more outlining done on my WIP. In the meantime I’ve entered my existing story in a bunch of contests…

How’s your next story idea coming along?


Wow, sounds intense, but really interesting. I’ll be reading it soon!


Happy reading and I hope you eventually hate Elijah. :slight_smile:

Everyone else does, and I revel in their anger towards him. But it didn’t start out that way, no…he was a “sweet boi.”


Hahahaha! I am looking forward to despising him.


Kinda, I think I busted my knee playing football last night so I had to leave work at 10am because I couldn’t work. I can’t see me being back to work tomorrow but hopefully the day after.

It’s coming on pretty well, I still haven’t started writing but I’m getting a lot of ideas, just little things that can form a big picture of you know what I mean


Yeah it’s kind of frustrating but I won’t force the Writing.
Oh and that’s cool that you’re pursuing a career as a screenwriter.


I mean, he’s cheating on his fiancee and lying to her and her father about a lot, and he goes to extremes with self-punishment and is SOOOO OVERDRAMATIC. DEAR GOD CALM DOWN BOY. And he. hurt. my. baby. boy. My beloved Haydn DID NOT DESERVE TO BE BLINDSLIDED BECAUSE OF YOUR CATHOLIC GUILT YOU ASSHOLE.

Haydn is the vamp and his bat form is tattooed on my arm which you can view in the entry: A Personal Fanart.


Oh my. Yeah, he definitely sounds like someone to hate!


And you’d never know it until…maybe chapter 15 and up…there are hints around there that he’s not as he first appeared…and by now everyone just wants to slap him silly and be like, “You idiot, do you have any common sense?” It’s not that he’s mean…he’s just an overdramatic idiot man-child who is terrified of consequences.


I’m just fine, thanks! :smile:

A little suspense is fine - good to know that your story won’t give me nightmares, though! :grin:

As for reading - currently I’m juggling six or seven stories, trying to leave comments for all of them. I want to return the favor to people who’ve read my story, but there are others where I want to read to support the author, and some that full under the ‘just for fun’ category… it’s a lot to keep track of! :dizzy_face:


So he doesn’t really mean to cause so much trouble? He’s just kind of childish and impulsive?


Nah, probably won’t make you lose sleep! I do love happy endings…eventually.

I completely understand about the reading. I thought I was caught up recently, but the list grew again. I make a point to get to everyone as I can.

How’s your new story coming?


@StuartCampbell5 Sorry to hear you’re hurting! Get some good rest and take care of yourself.

Glad you’re making progress! ‘Big picture’ is about where I’m at with my WIP - some chapters are outlined in detail while others are just ‘In this chapter, X happens’. I’m trying to get Chapter 1 fully written, though, so I can share it and see what people think… :smile:


Sorry to hear about your knee. Hope you feel better soon! Ice it!


Yes… He loves too much, he fears consequences, to fix that issue he ends up adding four more issues, he seriously lacks common sense, he’s so extra it’s not even funny, and some of the things he does are downright cruel but he thinks there is no other option…like an idiot man-child.

Like, okay, for example, when he realizes his love for an already head-over-heels Haydn and realizes that he messed up by getting with him, his first thought is about whether or not he’s damned by the church not about how Irina would feel. He always thinks about the wrong thing first, and usually only thinks the right thing after the fact.


I´m writing a murder romance book titled Rosy Cheeks. It´s about a twenty-five year old black female, Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards), finding her husband dead, and her pants and hand covered in blood. For her, it´s entering a new type of helll and escaping from being arrested. I don´t know if this really qualifies as a romance book. But it´s nice to meet you, guys!