Newbie Romance Writer Club version 6. Chatting about writing and everything else



Hello! Good evening!


Sorry to hear about your injury. I am doing alright. My commute home is killing me though. It’s 2 hours DX


I understand better now.
You have made me very intrigued with this story!


Happy endings are my kind of endings! :grin::heart:

Since I’m a slow writer without a ton of free time, my WIP is coming along about as well as can be hoped. I have the first four chapters, the ending, and a few scenes in the middle outlined in detail. I’ve face-casted my MMC and love interest (it may seem silly, but it helps me visualize them! :smiley:) I’m also trying to get just Chapter 1 written so I can share it as a kind of ‘teaser’. :laughing:

Is ‘Beyond the Door’ finished, or are you sharing it as you write?


Hi. Wow, that sounds like a bad situation for Nehaeh. Is she being blamed for the murder?


Yeah feedback is the best! I can’t wait to see reactions. Writing is great but it’s such a rush getting to see what people think


Damn that’s long! Is that including traffic?


Yeah, though there isn’t a whole lot of traffic actually. I take the bus home so there’s a lot of waiting for the bus to get there and such


Yeah, will be. She´s out hiding in the forest now.


Ah yeah. The busses here take forever too


That’s funny. I am kind of the opposite. I have a picture of my characters in my head. I can never seem to find a picture of an actual person to match. It distracts me if the physical picture doesn’t match the one in my head.
No, Beyond the Door isn’t finished. I always have several chapters done ahead of time though. I can’t write and immediately post. I tend to go back and change too many things. So right now I have the next five chapters done.
I loved your other story, so get that teaser up for us!


And now I am off to start my read-for-read book list. looks at it and dies


Sounds interesting!


Hahahahaha good luck with That!


Thanks, I’m gonna need it. I have eight books in that list right now and feel obligated to get to them all soon DX


Oh my! I won’t complain about my commute anymore!

When I worked in downtown Seattle years ago, I rode the bus from a local park-and-ride. Just one bus and I was at work in about 40 minutes.

Then I started working in the Eastside suburbs - where the tech industry is mostly based. It would take three buses and about two hours from that same park-and-ride. So I joined the horde of car commuters - I’m driving a hybrid now, so not as bad, right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It’s still an hour drive each way becuase of traffic!


Yes, the comments I’ve received have been a joy! I love seeing readers getting into the characters and story - a few were actually mildly disappointed that Gavin and Roxanne didn’t get their HEA together.!


Oof, that’s gotta be terrible. I mean, at least on the bus and while waiting for the bus I can read. Can’t do that while driving. I still don’t drive but if I could I’d do it since the commute by car is only about 25 min at most and my work hours don’t even touch rush hour. Bus commute, I gotta wait for it, go all the way downtown, then wait another half hour to catch another bus home


I bet they were! Haha


WHAT. NOOOOOO. I remember the excerpt I read all that time ago on the thread.

Gavin x Roxanne for life, man…