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Do you have a chapter goal for your story?


Not in particular a goal. The original was 12 chapters but with this rewrite I suspect maybe around…13 to 15 or so.


Nice that’s awesome :slight_smile:


no xD. Its a harder chapter for me to write


Fair enough, what genre is the story?


romance and tragedy


Nice that’s sorta my genre as well, or at least one of them. I like calling mine Trainwreck romances lol


oh cool! and I like the name xD


Yea sometimes it just gets to the point where I want to look away but I just can’t lol :slight_smile:


Yeah. I honestly I just need post it and move on from this chapter


Well you can always come back to it if need be :slight_smile:




crashes in through the ceiling hello everybody!


Hi. How are you doing?


Hello, how’s it going? I am trying to write but it’s noisy in this room DX


Good day everyone!


I’m having a hard time writing at all. I’m going to rewrite my entire book and post it all at once. I don’t want to have an ‘upload’ schedule or anything like that anymore. I need to put it only in my perspective and that’s it. People have complained that perspective shifts confuse them as a reader and I’ve had three people suggested I make changes.
So, I’m going back to sleep for right now to give myself time to meditate on it, then get back to work in a few days or even weeks when I’m ready.


Hi. How are you, Stuart?


I’m good thanks! How are you?


That’s unfortunate. Though, there’s ways to write multiple perspectives without confusing people. In books I’ve read, instead of chapter titles it says who’s perspective it’s from. Seen that in both WP books and traditionally published books. But do what you must I suppose