Newbie Romance Writer Club version 6. Chatting about writing and everything else



Good day! How’re you? My day was stressful since I had to call people on the phone a big chunk of the day DX


That does sound stressful. Will you have to do it again tomorrow? I am good. I was off work again today but I’m hoping to be back tomorrow


Beats me. I pretty much just do what I’m told at work. If I’m told to run the phone then I will. I won’t know till tomorrow whether or not I am doing it. Anyway how’s writing going?


Sometimes that’s best lol

I still haven’t started my next book but I intend to this weekend. I figured out a title though so now I’m onto getting a cover. It’s coming soon!


Ah nice, what’s your new book about?


I wanna do a twist on the billionaire lover trope where this time, the woman is the super rich successful one. My main character will get a new job as her assistant basically and eventually he falls in love with her. Just another romantic comedy but something a little different


Ah nice. Yeah, don’t see too many female billionaires as far as I can tell. I would say I am not a huge fan of the billionaire subgenre, but I’m not allowed to say that since I love the royal/commoner subgenre (if that’s even a subgenre) in fantasy-romance and it’s pretty much the same thing XD


It’s definitely a sub genre! Haha

To be honest, I’m not a fan of it either. But when I got the idea to do the gender switch, I saw it as a way I can may be like fun at it while I’m at it. Plus it’ll challenge me as a writer, which at this stage of my wattpad career is a healthy thing :joy:

Plus I always say that they are really unrealistic, so if I can do better than that I’ll be happy


Challenges as a writer are good. Also writing stuff to make it better than the majority of what’s out there. Actually, that’s part of why I write romance in the style I do. No one else does it, so I gotta do it myself XD


My thoughts exactly! So the first story I wrote probably doesn’t count cause I genuinely thought of it anyway, but it was a romance told from the male POV. I quickly discovered that not only was there barely any of that, there was also a pretty big market for it that had unlimited untapped potential. So I’ve been camped there ever since


The thing I like to write a lot in fantasy-romance is when one of the characters has a rather monstrous appearance. The MC’s love interest in one of my stories is a tentacle-faced being who eats brains. No one writes romance with monster people hardly (vampire and werewolf withstanding), so I have to do it myself.


That’s actually a great point! I’ve always wondered why vampires and werewolves are the popular ones. It can’t just be from Twilight right?


Probably because they look like humans (usually). That way writers can still have ‘sexy leads’ while still having the monster aspect. I personally like the monster aspect and go out of my way to include them. I am a big fan of looking past physical appearance and seeing the person’s heart.


I never thought of that but you’re probably right. But yes I feel like appearance is only one aspect of things, it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. Cliche but true


Might be cliche, but there’s a reason some things are cliche. For me, that’s my reality. Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned, but I am asexual and literally cannot feel attraction towards someone based on physical appearance. The fact that it happens so often in romances, I cannot comprehend it. For me, what’s inside is the ONLY thing


I didn’t know that but that’s really cool!


You think so? Wow, never heard anyone tell me that before. Thanks! It certainly makes writing sex scenes really different lol


Hahahaha I can imagine!


People write about how amazing it feels immediately? Me: “Sssssure…let’s go with that…”


I think that would improve those sorts of scenes though