Newbie Romance Writer Club version 6. Chatting about writing and everything else



Perhaps, I dunno. When I write scenes like that I focus on emotion and sensations. Things other than body parts and how hot is apparently is


That’s better than using some of the cr ingey words people use to describe the body parts :joy:


Lol yeah that’s true. I rarely ever use names of body parts, euphemism or otherwise. Though, once this did make someone tell me that it read like teen fiction. Which hurt. A lot.


I get why it hurts, but as long as you know your reasons for doing things, that’s all that matters. One of my stories got major criticism for starting with the MC waking up and covering his morning routine. I get why people don’t like that, but there was a very specific reason I did it. So although I take on board what people said, I’m not going to change it


I have not been in here in so long, but I thought I’d stop by and say hello! So many of the same faces are still around, it’s nice to see them.




It’s been a long time. How are you doing?


I have a story starting like that too. I honestly had no idea that it was common to do it. I am probably not going to change it though.


Hiya! It’s been a while lol ^~^


I’m doing good thanks! How about you?


I’m a big believer in just writing what you want, regardless of how popular people think it is. In the end we write for ourselves mainly anyway


Hey there!


Hi @CrystalJJohnson! It’s good to see you here again. Congrats on all the success you’re having with the ‘Affliction’ trilogy! :blush:


There was a whole discussion about that on the Mature Romance Writers thread! I couldn’t believe some of the terms that get used. Someone mentioned they’d seen ‘DNA Rifle’ as a euphemism for a man’s apparatus. Dear God… :joy::rofl:


I’m back! I decided to go with a more ‘original’ rewrite and write it from two perspectives by switching back and forth between my husband Debrukaras and me a. k. a. Rekah. But each chapter will focus on either one or the other of us rather than switching perspective multiple times. So, that should clear up the confusion for the reader, I hope.


@wa02guy Thank you so much. It has been a blast this past year. I’m excited to start on a new project. What have you been up to?


I’ve seen the writing different chapters from different perspectives thing done to great effect in a number of books, especially if the two voices are distinct. Good luck with that! Are you using first person or third person?


I’m using first person and I’m going to do separate chapters to make the voices stand out the personalities to be distinct. It’ll work better than way because I hate transitioning from one to the other. It gets old after a while.


I’m doing pretty well, thanks! After lurking and posting on the threads for about a year, I finally shared my first story about three weeks ago. It’s novella-length, about a younger man and an older woman, both coming off messy breakups, who get together. The reception has been positive so far, and I’ve put it in a couple of contests to get some exposure. In the meantime I’m continuing to outline my next project, which will hopefully be novel-length - and definitely have a true HEA! :smiley:

What’s your next project about?


I’m writing the second book in a collaboration project with my best friend. It’s a paranormal-romance, and the first book did pretty well on WP. So, we are writing the story of one of the favorite supporting characters.