Newbie Romance Writer Club version 6. Chatting about writing and everything else



Okay well we’re building pillow forts at the moment.


Hey how are you. I’m home with sick kids today so I’m bored.


Oh, no. Are they down with the flu?
I’m good. I decided to write a short epilogue for my Romance that I’d completed a while back. I think it’s time to add some ‘after-scene’ for it. I’m excited to write it. :slight_smile:


Yes one of them has the flu so both of the small ones are at home today.
Oh that sounds great that you are writing. What kind of after scenes are you thinking about?


I hope he gets well soon. Weather is crazy here too, and keeps on fluctuating. It’s annoying.

I’m thinking of a small scene between just the two protagonists. Kind of a happy, and romantic one and tells of what’s happening in their lives. It’s small, I’m almost done with it. :slight_smile:


Thanks I hope so too.

Oh romantic scens are always nice to write.


That they are. I am happy to write for them again. :slight_smile:

How’s your writing going?


Yeah. Might be the only good thing tho. I feel like every bit of my energy is going to work


I have a hard case of writers block. Haven’t written a word since November. But I do post chapters for my story Joachim & the Princess since it’s prewritten. But I haven’t written the ending for it so I’m a little stressed about that.


Well since you just started it maybe you need some time to adjust to the new routines.


Oh, uh. I know the feeling. I am seeing my writer’s block coming and I’m doing everything to not be hit by it. Trouble forming the words beyond what’s in my head.

But, the pre-written chapters do make up for your block. I hope you get to write something soon. :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m hoping for some good feedback on the story so I can get going again. I’ve tried all the tricks in the book to get out of it but nothing seems to work. What are your top Three tips on getting out of a block?


Ive kinda been in a block for awhile now but I think Im slowly getting out of it. I think it is about expanding your mind and start pulling stuff from outsideof the box. I see writing block as the saying thinking inside the box. The box is the block if that makes sense.


Reading and writing will help a lot. Writing even though you have writing block. Set a timer for 20 or 30 minutes and dont stop writing. Whatever is on your mund put on the paper even if it doesnt make sense. If you get toa part where you arent thinking of something specific then write I dont know what to write until more thoughts come to you

  1. Read your own story to get a fresh perspective on it. Re-reading them makes us see the things that we missed while writing, and some new ideas might pop up.

  2. Ditch thinking about the plot and read. A lot.

  3. Start writing around fresh ideas. That might stirr up the block and those ideas may actually work in your favor.

I tried them all and they did help me to get over my three month writer’s block.


Yeah. Truly said. I did that too. I wrote some random things that weren’t even related to the story. I even wrote a new short story during that period and it helped a lot.


I am probably intruding into some conversation, and I apologize for that, but I’ve just come to realize something: I have yet to read a good book on Wattpad (and even in real life, really) that has a romance story that sends a message about love/relationships. Whether that message be how to determine you’re in a good relationship, communication between partners, cheating, etc. And that kind of disappointments me :confused: I feel like all the romances I read are slow-burns and fluff and even exhibit somewhat of a toxic behavior :frowning:


I am actually trying to write a romance that says a message in the romance itself. its probabbly not going to be great though considering its my first book


Wow best of luck with it :slight_smile:


Thank you!