Newbie Romance Writer Club version 6. Chatting about writing and everything else



I’m doing really well. How are you?


You’re probably right.


I’m pretty good, just hanging out and stuff nothing to exciting. What about you?


I’m okay. Work is boring though and drains my energy


Oh sorry to hear that, are you still at work now?


I am off work but waiting for my ride to get here


Oh well at least thats a positive :slight_smile:


And now I am home! Btw, I added one of your books to my read for read list, since if I recall we said we were going to do that


Yea I took a look at yours to, I’ll get on that right away when I get a second :slight_smile: I was just going to read your most recent one if that’s still okay :slight_smile:


That’s fine. I can’t really tell which one’s most recent actually. The order in which they appear on my profile never changes for me. I updated Rise From Ashes most recently tho. Also, I won’t be getting to yours soon since I find myself doing like, 6 read for reads




Hello, how’re you?


Thanks for the pep talk! I’m planing on rereading one of my favorite book series but I haven’t gotten around to it. Reading and writing time is hard to come by when you’re a mother of three kids.

I don’t Think I’m thinking inside the box. I know what to write I just can’t get the words out it’s like they are stuck between my mind and my fingers. So it’s very frustrating. And I can’t just sit down and write jibbrish so to speak. I need a story to write on (which I have).


Thanks I am rereading my story a chapter at a time since I’m posting them every saturday. And sometimes I get so caught up in my story that I read a few chapters more just to see what will happen LOL


I have writers block and snotty kids but other then that I’m fine. I saw you’ve had really good respons on your series. Congratulations!


Yeah just don’t give up. I know you’re gonna get a hang of the time management I know how importent it is for you.


Thanks! Here’s hoping I can sooner rather than later


I believe in you. So what are you up to now?


Hiding out in my basement due to severe weather. I hate storms so much


Oh that sounds bad.