Newbie Romance Writer Club version 6. Chatting about writing and everything else



Yeah, there was a tornado warning for about half an hour. It’s over now though thankfully. Now I can get back to whatever I was gonna do before it started


Oh that sounds so creepy. I’m happy that I live in a tornado free country. We can hav horrid storms but nothing like a tornado where you have to go hide.


I am halfway terrified of storms. Much less so than I used to be but it still happens


Hello :blush:


That’s fine I totally understand :slight_smile:






how are all of you doing???


Doing fine. How about you?


I’m doing great! Just watching TV before going to bed


Ah. I’m just on my laptop before bed


Yeah, I’m probably gonna do that too in a few :sweat_smile:


Ah. I’m just tired lol


lol I’m not, I’m a night owl so yeah


I am too, but I had a lot of tests this week. I just want to meld with my bed


ugh ok but that’s the best feeling. I love just passing out completely


Lmao same. It’s so relaxing


it’s a relief after not being able to sleep well, at least for me


Tell me about it. It’s like you’re unstoppable


omg yesss :joy: