Newbie to Wattpad

Hey everyone,
So I thought I would stop by and say hello to everyone. My name is F. J. Kerr, I am a newbie to Wattpad but, not new to writing. I hope to meet some like minded individuals who love creating as much as I do. I hope to make some new friends along the way! :slight_smile:


Hey there! What kind of stuff do you like to write?

hello, welcome to you! what genre do you write?

Hey there:)

I write just about everything books, screenplays, songs, and poetry. I write in almost every genre as well, but I really like writing Thrillers. What about you?

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My best performing story on here is a thriller, but like you I write in all genres! I like experimenting with new ideas and concepts.

Have you uploaded any of your work to Wattpad yet?

right now I am working on a thriller series but I also have all types of genres of books I have started. I write a lot about things that shock people or catches them off guard like my book Wicked Innocence book 1 in the series They Walk Among Us which is about a kid who becomes a serial killer and its told from his pov. I also have one I posted called Captured its about a boy who was kidnapped to become a killer. I also have fantasy Darkness & Light. You can get an idea of my stuff if you want to check out my writing.

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Yeah I posted some of my book Captured which is a thriller and the other is fantasy its called Darkness & LIght.

are you a writer if so what kind of stuff do you write?

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Yes, I write poetry, horror, humor, and paranormal. How about yourself?

Hello and welcome to the forums! :cherry_blossom:

Hi ^^ I’m the same, still a newbie to wattpad but I started writing a long time ago ^^ So far I like this place and I hope you’ll like it too :slight_smile:

Hii! Welcome to Wattpad!
What do you like to read? :blush:

I’ll be sure to check them out, I like stories that kept my speculations going in the wrong direction, thank you.

Hi! I also love writing. Can i jump in?

Thanks what do you like to write?

I write just about everything Thrillers, Horror, crime, mystery, romance, scifi, fantasy, paronormal and so many more. I write poetry, songs, books and screenplays in every genre but, my favorite subject to create are Thrillers.

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Hello LadyBex,
I have been looking for a site like this for a long time. Its nice to have a place to share my passion for creating.