Newest Title Being Released

I’m stoked. My second novel goes up for pre-order tonight. :grinning: I was duking out editing changes with my publisher, but we ironed them all out finally.

My first novel was released last year, along with a few short stories. This year, I’ve had two short stories released in an anthology, and now the release of my next novel.

The excitement remains the same every time though. There is nothing like holding a story you wrote in the palm of your hands.

Is anyone else in the same place with a new release up for pre-order?

Congrats, Patricia! That is SUPER exciting!

So what steps are you and your publisher taking to get high numbers out of the gate?

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I’m working on hitting all social media platforms, utilizing bloggers, and newsletters. There is a romance newsletter that worked pretty good for me last time, so I’m aiming to do that same one again, but on the official release day.

We do have a team that helps spread the word, along with a PA, so we all work together. My first novel is going on sale, and I’m planning to do a giveaway.

Basically trying to focus on the target audience. If you have any other ideas, I’d love to hear them, Ximera. :slight_smile:

Congrats, Patricia, that’s exciting. I just released my 8th book this month, but you are right, the thrill never gets old. Wishing you best of luck with the launch.

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Thank you and congrats to you on your release. :slight_smile: What is your book called?

We’re currently having trouble with “” It’s the only Amazon site that my book isn’t on, so that’s strange.

It’s called Remember by my pen name Sal Mason.

I go through KDP and tick the worldwide box which includes India. I’m not sure how a traditional publishing account works. I did register under my business name, so it’s listed as a publisher, but I’m not sure if your publisher uses a different platform. Maybe you could ask your publisher about the exact hurdles they face to publish the book In India.

We haven’t had trouble with them before, so this is a little surprising. He apparently hasn’t changed anything, but he is looking into it. It definitely puts a little damper into the pre-order launch.

Cool, I’ll check out your book. :slight_smile: