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Hi! I’m Tina. I’m looking to do a handful of read-for-reads (payment isn’t necessary but I might follow you). I’ve got a new story up that has three chapters and I’d love to get some feedback and make a few friends in the process. It’s a new adult romance story about college-aged folks.

If you could please post the link to your story and specify which or how many chapters you’d rather have read that would be awesome!


Hi! I wrote an italian story, because I’m Italian. I don’t think you can speak my language, so it wouldn’t make sense if you read my story. Anyway, I can read yours, and we can follow each other!


Hi!! Ugh, I wish I could speak/read in Italian. That would be incredible.
I tried to search for your profile but couldn’t find it. Are you able to find mine?


Yeah, of course


Done! Okay, I’m putting your story in my library and I’ll start reading it soon


Thank you SO much!!


Hello :slight_smile: I’m interested in this.
The link:
I would read one chapter first, but will PM you if I am reading more~


Hi! I’m interested. It’s a fantasy book called Shadows in the Trees. It has 23 chapter so far, so read as many as you can/want! I’ll read yours once you reply to this.

Here’s the link:



Yay! I’ve added your story to my reading list. I’m at work right now but will be sure to check it out when I get home tonight.


Hi!! I would really like if you could read the six parts of my story, if you have time. I would read all three chapters of yours and give back feedback. I’ve been editing and reformating all my chapters so I don’t know of someone who has read the entire 6 parts as they are now and give me an overall feedback of how they feel about the story so far.

Here is the link:'s-colorful-mind/parts

Thank you!!!


Hey I’m a newish author too and would love to help out. Here’s the link to mine:’s-army

Title: The Alpha’s Army
Genre: Werewolf
Chapters: 4 published (Updates Wed and Fri)


Hi there. If you you have time, please check out my new paranormal romance story. I only have two chapters up at the moment, so any feedback on either would be great. Link your story and I’ll be glad to give it a read as well :slight_smile:

Title: Death City
Genre: Paranormal


Hey there! We are twin ssiters who enjoy reading and writing. We’re relatively new ourselves and think this is fantastic! Everyone can grow from feedback. We’d love to do a genuine read for read with you!
We’d love for you to take a look at our fantasy story called Unity.
Here’s the description and link:
Lines are there for a reason: the same with rules. They are not meant to be crossed or broken. Rafe Walsh, the harsh Commander of the Huntsmen, knows this and dictates his life by strict order. He broke the law once, years ago, and the suffering the decision brought has been felt by, not only Rafe, but his daughter, Saydee, as well. She is half Jade, a group of slaves conquered by the old king and held in captivity to serve and die at the whims of their masters.
Sympathetic to their cause, king Dominic’s wife’s sister, Thea, led a failed revolt years ago for which she was imprisoned. Released, but eager to revive the old rebellion, Thea seeks the assistance of the charismatic Lord Dante Larkin. Together, they devise a plan to get the famous gladiator known as the Tormentor to join their cause. Dante believes the man could inspire a revolution. The Tormentor, however, may have his own reasons for remaining ensalved.
As old legends emerge from the shadows, Jades as well as the royal family, are caught up in the coming war, but some clashes are not destined to be fought on the battlefield. When the carefully structured lines become blurred, an explosion of passion and danger sends the entire land into a brutal conflict. As the rebellion blazes across the realm, two distinct sides begin to emerge. In the end, both will face hardship, betrayal, and ultimately, war. And the end, it seems, will not come quietly…


Hey! So my story is REALLY new so it only has a summary and introduction and cover as of right now. The intro does include a poem though so I guess it’s something. I will be updating it again sometime this week. I’m just trying to get ahead of the game and flesh out a few chapters before I start officially posting. Let me know if you give it a read. Thanks!



I’ve added your story to my library and I’ll get to reading today! :grin:


Added your story to my library :blush:


Hi! I am also a new author to this forum. I’ve been having so many doubts and insecurities about posting my work here for people to see, it’s terrifying. I would love to read your work!


Thanks a lot, I’ll be sure to check out your story too!


Yo, whaddup. If you like dark humor, I think you’d enjoy my book BURNED. It only has 3 chapters so far so no sweat.


I also wouldn’t mind reading your story :)) it sounds quite interesting



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