Next Beta POLL

Wattpad Next Program Poll

Share your thoughts on the Next Beta program a it rolls out to more places for testing. Tell me if you like it, whether you consider yourself able to pay for coins, willingness to support stories locked behind a paywall, and whether you would prefer a different kind of system.

This is an attempt to get some raw data on how Next Beta is currently received by the small portion of Wattpad users who use this Community who have both been exposed to it, and/or heard about it.

Do you like the Wattpad Next System?

  • Strongly Like
  • Somewhat Like
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Dislike
  • Strongly Dislike

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Do you consider yourself able to pay for coins to unlock stories chapter by chapter or buy a whole book?

  • Yes
  • Unsure
  • No

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How likely are you to use this system to support paid stories?

  • Very Likely
  • Somewhat Likely
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat unlikely
  • Very unlikely

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Out of these coin options which would you prefer on Wattpad?

  • Current system
  • Current system plus universal donation/tipping system
  • Universal donation/tipping

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If you have questions be sure to check out Nick’s threads on the subject or the Wattpad FAQ’s for Wattpad Next.

I’m one of the many who don’t have money to buy books online. I get my reading material for free by using this site and by doing beta reading.


I’m the same, and I don’t like spending money on eBooks because I struggle to focus on them so I go for hardcover if I’m gonna spend money.


So, I was out of the loop on this one. I just woke up and saw that the beta was being rolled out to the US.

Regarding the polls.

I don’t particularly have anything against it.


This question got me. I would gladly put a few bucks into buying coins, my only problem is that the creators I would support (I’m talking users with 50k-100k followers) will likely not be added to the program solely because their work doesn’t have as high of an audience as say teen Fiction or mature romance. If my favorite creators were able to choose to opt into tipping/charging per chapter, then I would be more likely to budget a bit of spending money in order to buy coins.

I think tipping would be better.

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Thank you for your responses, if you could also vote in the polls that would be helpful too. Thank you!

@Haesel_48 I saw you were looking for some clearer data about people’s reaction to Wattpad Next Beta (such as a progress report). This isn’t as representative, but we are collecting data here if you wanted to look at it.

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Thanks! It sucks when we have to create our own data.

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I already did :slight_smile:

I agree, it would be nice to have some actual data from all the surveys and past beta months.

Thank you!

I know I’m not going to buy stories on Wattpad unless they’re from one specific author, and to my knowledge she’s not joining. I’d tip like crazy tho, and just be tossing coins. I’d like the tipping feature to be expanded a bit to cover more authors, because I don’t always read crazy popular books.

If I could afford coins, I would definitely tip, but I can’t afford the books in the program and currently I can’t find any of those books (despite having the coin feature) but I doubt any of them would be of any interest to me. There are several authors that if I could, I would support but their stories can’t or probably won’t be picked and I wouldn’t have the means to support either way. I agree that tipping would be nice, though.


I can afford coins, but I don’t want to buy the stories currently selected by the beta. I’d use coins to tip authors, and probably stick to reading free stories.

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Sounds like a great idea. :slight_smile:

But seriously if tipping rolled out on a larger scale I’d be so down. I know for practicality they’d probably have to limit it to people who have a certain number of reads/votes/followers and only write original stories, but if any of the people whose books I read are included I’m sending them my cash. I’m already super hyped to buy the books some of my favorite WP authors are traditionally publishing


Same here, if it’s traditionally published I’d ask for Christmas or save up for it.

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I know a lot of Wattpad authors have problems getting readers to buy their stories if they end up publishing… there have been times where everyone begs an author to publish, the author does, and then no one buys the books

I know I did when I published a former Wattpad work for a brief period of time. It requires a lot.

Good for you for publishing, though! That’s a major milestone

It was an experience for sure. I took the book down because I didn’t have time to promote but I’m gonna try with a trad publisher next time

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