Nick can you help me figure this out (Switching from 3rd limited to 1st)

It was suggested that my story be switched into 1st person. I have 3 main characters and it doesn’t flow evenly between them so I decided to do both minus the chapters when they are all together.

Is there a way to do this I looked it up online and it says it can be but I can’t find teen dramas that have done it.

Help. Please.

I don’t fully understand what the issue is or not sure I follow. Someone suggested the story be in first person, but is there a particular reason for that? Sometimes you have to be careful, people can suggest a solution because it could solve the problem but there’s often many other possible fixes to the problem without switching.

In terms of whether or not you can write a story in hybrid first person and third person depending on the plotline, yes, you can do it. You would probably need to use some strong formatting tricks, like dividing the story into 3 distinct parts that each individually end. You could never switch the style or format in the middle of a chapter though.

But I need more info on what’s happening here exactly.


It’s a teen drama but it’s a lot more darker than most teen dramas I wanted to basically take the tropes I take issues with and give them my own little spin so it has 3 main characters.

Quin: she is the resident mean girl but it’s all a defense mechanism after something happened to her he sophomore year.

Alexandre: he developed a substance abuse issue and found himself having thoughts of suicide after his father’s death.

And Camden the stereotypical new guy in town. Most of the major events happened Pre story and Camden is navigating through it trying to figure out the lay of the land and why his friends are so weird.

They all are keeping secrets that they’ve done some horrible things.

The way I’m telling it is 3rd limited you can know what the three mcs are thinking but no one else. Each chapter starts at a given one’s POV but in no particular order.

Someone suggested I write it in 1st person. But there are a lot of things within the story I would rather keep third so I thought maybe I should do both but as much research as I have been doing I can’t seem to figure out how it would work. I have another story that has duel timelines one via a journal one via actual time but that’s one character I couldn’t keep it for 3 as of now.

Did the person explain why they feel the first person is important or what it would fix?


They said they loved the story and they could really see the characters but thought first person would make their narratives more powerful because it would give deeper insight into the characters and their minds while certain things are happening to them.

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You can do that from third person, you don’t necessarily need a first person narrative in order to write emotion into a character’s scene.


“Please,” Reily answered, walking past Reid as she resumed the trip into school. He caught up and kept pace with her, his mind picking up on her steps and how they matched with his own. Sync. “We barely even talked. You can’t get out of it that easy.”

“So we can’t just walk in silence?” Reid smiled. What was he doing? How was he doing it? That answer was far too suave, far too confident. This was cool-guy Reid coming through out of nowhere.

And then, that little nag of guilt. A flash of Maple and a tug in the back of his mind. When he had been in Hollow Twilight he had been getting jealous over petty laughter between Issac and Maple and now here he was flirting with some girl like a regular stud.

“Why would we even walk together if we’re not talking?”

“Oh so now you want to talk with me?”

“Yes!” Reily responded, almost forcefully. “Obviously it’s more interesting than walking alone. Like, I guess I could check my phone but whatever. Nobody is texting me at seven in the morning.”

“So now you want me texting you at seven in the morning too? This is so many demands, Reily.” Something felt wrong. Steps in sync. Easy flirting. Giggles everywhere. Playful pushes. Saying her name, out loud. This wasn’t how it was before. Maple had been a literal nightmare, something he had never thought he could wake from, agonizing torture locked in his own brain. What was going on?

Darker thoughts started to claw their way up from the depths of Reid’s mind. This was a trap. This was now, most definitely, a trap. This was a girl who thought it would be really funny to mess with him. As soon as they got to the school, she would run off to her friends, like last time, and leave him behind. Couldn’t be seen with him at actual school, around actual real people. She could go tell them about the stupid things he had said, about the goofy way he thought he was funny, the terrible jokes he tried.

How he had touched her.

How disgusting it made her feel.

This was all some sort of sick joke to her. This was how she really passed the time, just like she was saying. The entertainment wasn’t in her words or his, it was in the mockery that came afterwards. It was in knowing you were lying and seeing how long you could go without getting caught.

Like I said, you can have cases where a solution isn’t always the solution.


AH I loved that so much thank you I think im going to keep it in 3rd limited

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