No context - Line From your Story

Hey everyone!

Write down a line or two from one of your stories completely out of context!!

Heres mine:

I leaned over and put a hand on his shoulder. “Well, you can come over and talk about sex with my mum as much as you so please.”

This made me giggle

Rita’s Jaw stiffened. Thing’s didn’t go well for people returned to the dollhouse, a broken arm the most tamed accident she could recall to date.

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I…think I need some context…and yet…I laughed.

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Okay here’s mine:

“What did I just walk in on?”
Revelations of the highest importance. I didn’t mean to tell Oliver, but he turned to me with a grin.
Ooh, big words! It really must be important. Well, out with it! Oliver mind-spoke.

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That sounds super intriguing!

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That sounds very interesting!

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Here’s a line from my Poldark fanfic (haven’t posted this part but hopefully will get it in soon):

Ross was on him in an instant, pushing Philip against the wall and knocking a picture off in the process.

“If you come near Emma again and as much as breathe on her….I’ll kill you.” Ross said in a deadly whisper. With that, Ross stormed out of the tavern, flinching as he heard Philip utter one threat;

“This isn’t over, Poldark!”


“It’s always been the same, Oscar. We fight, we kill each other, come back and do it again. After 6,000 years, we still do it. I’ve always asked; ‘Why?’ I know now. It’s because it fulfils who we are. It’s in the very blood in our veins to fight, so don’t give me that ‘Peace’ crap. You know we have to do this. When we wake up from this giant dream, then we can try the whole friends bit, but for now, this is who are."

oooooo… defo gunna read that some time. I love the intensity of that.

Here’s mine: ’ AHHHH! You will be found! The light may blind us… but a shadow is always cast! That shadow could be watching right now! Your empire will collapse under you and you’ll all d-’’

Ooh, this sounds intense! Love it.

Here’s mine (sorry for the bad language):

Had he meant it? Questionable. More likely he should have said one of the many other things people mean when they utter the words I love you:

I love how you make me feel.
I love having sex with you.
I want to love you.
Tell me you love me.
I love not being alone.
I love how being with you makes me seem like I’ve got my shit together.
I’m high.
All of the above.

Edit: That’s definitely more than a line or two, sorry

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“Damn it, not again!”

“What’s wrong?”

“My arm is missing.”


“Who are you?” I questioned.

“Your saviour, now do as I say if you don’t want to die.”

here’s mine from though it does have strong language

Gyro: Well it happened when you disbanded and I was trying to have some fun. I just came home a little late and Sparky and Arctic were all like “Where were you, do you know what time it is, it’s like 5 AM”. Like shut the fuck up, you’re not my parents!

Here’s mine from my story The Young Mercenary
“Ok kid, you were right. Can’t take a joke can you kid.”

Ooooh, here’s that one major scene that affects the rest of the storyline.

“STOP IT ABEL! YOU’RE JUST BUGGING ME! I know that you’re trying to comfort me, but believe me! It’s not your fault that I’m sad! So just… leave me alone!”

In my story Call of the Water, I wrote this:

“I don’t understand why you would do that. Go live with humans,” Mathias said with contempt in his voice. “I can understand why they would take you in. Humans are known to keep all sorts of creatures as their pets, from roaches to elephants. But you, willingly leave your home, that I can’t figure out.”

She rolled her eyes at me. “Girl, please. You can eat the whole burger, if you don’t you might blow away when you walk outside. The breeze is strong these days, ya know?”

Lady Death

“…[the building] itself was bleeding. She was finally going mad.”

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