no feelings

I feel nothing anymore absolutely nothing my mind goes fuzzy and I can’t even see straight but I’m not in love not anymore not even the thought of you makes me smile I hear your jokes I use to laugh at and now they do nothing because you mean nothing and I have no feelings so I don’t care

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Well…This is sad.

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I’d say you do feel something. Wether is hate or love, there is clearly something bothering you. Buddy, I and many others can relate to these words. I tend to look away from past lovers even though I do not feel anything for them. Still, I find myself most of the time writing about them.

It’s something normal that happens to a lot of people. Cheers.

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I wrote a poem about depression. It’s mostly cryptic so when not told so, most people never find out.

Misfortunes of the numb, troubled soul
that lonely wanders into the unknown.

Zero memories of the before,
Sorrows drowning her to the core.
Troubles led by lazy fate,
Drawn by monsters that her await,

Secrets harder, harder, harder to keep,
Misery robbing her non-existent sleep

Escape found in the deep scary mist,
promising to make her soul cease to exist.

Feelings that to her no longer belong,
Swept by her river- it cold and long.
Feelings that she can no longer see,
she whose eyes happiness no longer meet.

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Thats dark, hope its just a poem?

Thank you

Surprisingly yes it’s just a poem. It was hard though, 'cause I wanted to write a poem about depression that wasn’t only sad but that could make people feel the sadness too.

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I did read yours :joy:

Here is one of my recent poems, from my book called Death By Poem;

You finally feel happy for once

But only because you’re alone

Listening to music

And not the music of your thoughts

This is relaxing


Only because the thoughts are not shooting sharps

To make you want to again

To make you want to do it again

To make you break open your skin again

But today is different

Today you aren’t fighting the sharps

Today you are happy

Today they are shooting flats,

Instead of sharps

And you hope the same for tomorrow