No small talk, please.



From Hunter X Hunter.


smallest talk


It’s really stupid…and impractical. And it actually is a bad influence on whoever reads it…

Spoiling your student life, and studies for a girl? very misleading! And that makes the girls look like those who actually slaughter a guy’s life. All that is highly uneccessary


Oh. Never heard of him.


Lol. I actually didn’t mind his male mc books, but one indian girl is hilariously bad



Revolution 2020 was enough to put me off his works.
But i decided to try his latest , ‘The Girl in room 105’ which he called an "unlove story’ and is a mystery thriller…
But should’ve known… i left it mid way :joy:



Main Character

Lol what happened in it?


you want spoilers?


Yeah. Sure.


so basically as always…it’s set in IIT. he’s sees a girl , replica of a damsel- beauty and brains.
Blah blah blah…they split up after 3 years of dating because she was muslim and he was rajasthnai and her dad wanted the male MC to convert to marry his daughter. he refuses, she leaves.
after that blah blah blah she dates a topper of his batch, they get engaged, he is enraged…blah blah…she ends up getting murdered in her hostel…blah blah blah…her step brother is with some terrorists groups…
he goes and talks to the main terrorists see their faces yet he is free to go and the terrorists or whatever don’t care AND THAT OBVIOUSLY DOES’NT HAPPEN AND NEITHER CAN YOU MEET THEM SO EASILY LIKE WTF XD


That sounds…interesting.
I’m taking that chetan bhagat doesn’t handle it well?


yes…especially for mystery/thrillers where every single detail in every nook and corner of the plot could turn the whole book upside down…? NOPE, HE DOES’NT. HE CAN’T DO MYSTERY NOVELS.


Lol I figured, that’s why I didn’t even try this one.


you’re smarter than me. wow.


IKR :sunglasses:
jk, I still tried to read one indian girl, so we’re both dumb lol


why are you here today? you should come there…i need advice


There? Where?




Then go make som…oh, you mean the thread. Coming over rn