No small talk, please.


I want to learn more afncy code stuff but it’s almost 12 here


12 midnight or 12 noon?

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midnight. why would 12 noon prevent me from learning? :thinking:


It’s almost noon for me, which is why I was curious.

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Also, I stayed up until 2:30am last night and took a quiz at 1:30am-ish and got 95% on that quiz, so…


you’re clearly a night owl.

I usually have two brain cells, but both stop working after 12am

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Clearly, yes.

Why do all the good profs teach at 8am? :sob:


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I did that 22 question quiz in 5 minutes, too.


it’s a sad life


pass me some of that speed bruh


Indeed. I hate morning classes.

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You wish. :joy:

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Bad question

I just force myself, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t


Heyyyyyyy! I am aalihha. And I am kinda new to this… but… hi. :relaxed::blush:

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What exactly do you want to discuss? My name is Eloise, I recently published something on Wattpad - although not finished - and I’d like to have you as a friend. Just go to my profile and friend me if you like.

P.S. There’s a small bio about me on the left.

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Hey , nice to meet you


Hello! Welcome to the community and this thread.

Important question: kittens or puppies?


Hey, El! I haven’t come across you in the forums, before. New here?


Puppies defo

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no one asked for your opinion :angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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