No small talk, please.



Did i do it right :sweat_smile:

Ah it didn’t work


Change your curly double quote marks to straight ones.


I did it


I wish my friends responded to my messages as fast as you do yours




Thanks :grinning:


I just happened to be on.

I’m not always this fast. :sweat_smile:

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ayo congo

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I’m teaching a coding class here:

Sign up if you’d like to learn more!


Me: Hey Lum-

Lumi, 0.5 seconds before I send the message: Here’s your code, assignment and some motivation. Regards.

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Very nice


Anyways how do i enlist in your classes :thinking:

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Click the link. The thread explains everything.

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I guess I am, but I’ve been on here for a while still.

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umm…Puppies! :smile:

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hey. You too! :slight_smile:


Anyone likes KPop?

*I am curious. :blush::relaxed:

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imma rebel :sunglasses:

I know this ‘small size text’ thing has already been done in this thread, but I said imma rebel, not an original rebel.


you’re a cool rebel, Elaine XD

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