No small talk, please.


They do. Wanna hear one a cat once told me?

Meow mew mew meow, mew meow mew meow meow. Mew mew mew meow mew meow. Mew meow mew mew meow. Mew mew.


This is no Egypt.

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My cat always meows at me for me to pet her, but then runs away when I do.

Never telling a story. Just wants pets.


It’s some code.

Also, Happy Birthday! :partying_face:


Thank you! I was confused at first on how you knew, but remembered that Wattpad puts a birthday cake up when it’s someone’s birthday. Guess who is legally an adult now. XD

The code is a confusing one.


Really? I turned 18 just a few days ago too! Guess the world isn’t too big afterall :sweat_smile:

Cats…they’re always confusing


Whooooo. lol

Cats just want food and pets. They don’t care as long as they get 'em.

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I guess so. Oh and taking over the world.


That to. I bet they miss the days they were worshipped as gods in places like Egypt. lol

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They still are, in secret societies.


True. lol

My cat sure thinks she’s a goddess, I know!


I’ve seen many cat goddesses roaming around, I’m not surprised lmao

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Lol. She’s such a pain though adorable.

If I “leave” the room, (aka, say I’m leaving but stay at the door with it slightly opened while I’m saying something) she will run to me, meow, and try to get me to come back in and pet her. lol


She does sound adorable! what’s her name?


Meow Meow.

My mom named her Obsidian (because she’s an all black cat), but she doesn’t answer to it because her name is actually Meow Meow and my mom is delusional.


That’s…quite creative XD

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lol. XD

I like names that make others facepalm.


and I really appreciate out of the box names lmao

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hey there!

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My society isn’t that secret. You can join it.

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