Non European Mythological Gods!!


@PellinorLover2314 and @DeanJacgung ’. I hope you don’t mind the story is still in its infancy and nowhere close to being up on wattpad, but essentially in this alternate earth every god is real and exists on a separate plain (in this case every mythological god, im not even going near Hinduism, christianity or Islam etc.). The gods have humans called ‘champions/thralls’ who do their bidding . I wanted to use an already established system of gods that I didn’t personally make up because the main character is the thrall of Mercury and I wanted to include a couple of other champions of different gods but I didn’t want to resort to the best well known ones.

Sorry for the long explanation ^^ I feel I just might have made things confusing by not explaining myself first.


Why don’t think thirteen? I think it’s something like thirteen ^^’

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Thank you so much for taking the time to put all this together! I love learning about different mythologies/religions, and if I’m understanding it correctly, the Igbo have a very similar idea to what I’m going for. I especially liked the part about the spirits who just can’t seem to leave the earth to depart for the afterlife and that everyone’s spirit/mind is a part of the ‘creator god’. I think what I’m trying to use are the middle gods rather than the most powerful creator gods, so the Alusi fit especially well with my idea since it’s these gods that tend to interact amongst humans the most. I think I’ll definitely have to do some some research into the alusi that you mentioned like Amadioha

Thank you again!

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No problem! Glad I could help. :smiley:

I forgot to mention something in terms of reincarnation: If a spirit is intentionally trying to reincarnate several times for purposes of revenge, people often search for their uli-mmo (basically, it’s supposed to be an artifact/object that their soul is bound to) and they destroy it with the help of a priest/priestess, forcing the spirit to cross over to the land of the dead.

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Then I can defo recommend Aztec. It’s super duper interesting. I loved working with it :smile:

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Thanks so much again, I’m definitely going to go with the Igbo amadioha just because it fits so well!

I’ll have to do a ton more research just to properly capture it, but thanks so much for the suggestion, I’m very glad you responded ^^


Most followers of Islam have no idea that Allah predated Mohammed. Al-Uzza is an interesting one from that time period. It means the most mighty, Menat, the god of time, and Al lat, the goddess.

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Did you get this from a Jehovah Witness pamphlet or…

Is this just a language confusion? ‘Allah’ just means God in Arabic. Like. It’s not special. ‘God’ is not ‘God’ in any other language but English — Heck, God’s ‘name’ is Yahweh (Jewish name for God.)

Most religions that are now monotonic have polytheistic origins. ‘Asherah’ as the wife of ‘Yahweh’ is largely forgotten. (We’re looking at a time when Monotheism was becoming the it thing: Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrianism.)

Mohammed did a lot of lifting from Judaism, but aside from that he was on a pursuit to establish a universal God, and curb paganism.

Just like Yoruba Christians will call God ‘Olorun’ even though the word Oloron precedes Christianisation. It’s just a word — that means God in the language.


Al lah was the male for Al lat. Al lah is the god and Al lat is the goddess. The name predates Muhammad by centuries, if not thousands of years. He grew up in a pagan village and Al lah was the god worshiped there. Muhammad, once he decided to go with monotheism, took the names of all the gods and goddesses that were worshiped in Arabia and referred to them as different traits of Allah. That didn’t happen until after he had sought refuge in a Catholic church and would have heard the stories from them.


Sir… I’m sorry but what?

What you’re saying reads like a church’s propaganda, and I’m now trying to think of what evangelical sect to pin this on. (So far, it still sounds like something from the Jehovah witnesses or seven day Adventists.)

Like, I’m still going to ask. Is this a language confusion?

‘God’ is English, and when translated to other languages will come up differently.

Roman Catholics in the Roman empire called Yahweh, ‘Deus’ — Because that’s the translation in Latin.

English speacking Christians call Yahweh ‘God’ because that’s the translation in English.

God’s name is not ‘God.’

‘God’ is a concept that encompasses a high spiritual being.


Would “Athena, Hestia and Artemis have a crush on me and I can’t stop gushing over them” be any better ;D

Also, I am peculiarly fond of pre-Abrahamic Semitic deities. I just don’t like the overdone Asian pantheons and outright despise the “eternal cycle” approach of Hinduism. I like progression way too much to embrace cyclic cosmologies.

No clue if the frequently ignored Slavic pantheon is “European” or not. I rarely see Belobog, Kresnik and others mentioned (save for using their names for unrelated concepts like Chernobog in Fantasia or the existence of Kresnik as a surname in Tales).


A billion according to some scholars, many of them unknown. Closer to around 200 by actual historians.


Not 13, I assure you XD They’re just too many to count lmao

I can count at at least 30 of them rn

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This is wrong, Allah is the same as God in Judaism and Christianity. The crescent moon is a Turkic pre-Islamic crest that was adopted by the Ottomans as a symbol of their Turkic heritage, and became associated with Islam when the Ottomans were the most powerful Muslim country.

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They do, pretty much everyone knows about Allah being the God of Abraham, who was before Muhammad


The reason it’s ignored is it’s not well documented. I think it’s European given they were worshiped at Kiev, well within the European continent. The Kievan Rus’ pantheon is Dazhbog, Svarog, Mokosh, Perun, and Simargl, as well as others I think


Probably, I have no idea…I just know there are a lot…I learn about new Gods like every day


Lol well that’s true, I haven’t seen too many stories about the Greek ladies being interested In anyone, it’s usually just the king of the under world is in to me and surprise I’m pregnant.

Awe, that’s too bad! I love the idea of the cyclical religions, they mimic nature of the universe so well! I think I know more about the Slavic monsters like the krochonoch


Uhm, really now? Artemis is a virgin goddess who resents every kind of physical relationship and Hestia is a child goddess.
For Athena… Eh, as long as you stay with the Greek version that might be the case.

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Really? All the stuff I’m reading points to Hestia being Zeus’ sister, which would make her older than Artemis and Athena.

You might be thinking about Hebe. I don’t know if she’s a child goddess but I know she was the goddess of youth.

@SomnusTheFirst Ugh. Harems annoy me more than the bad boy trope. I acknowledge that bad boy stories can be written well despite my earlier comment. But harems…just feels like a weird male self-indulgent fantasy. Just my opinion.

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