Non-Human Race Discussion

This is a transfer of the previous discussion. I think this format will be more digestible and organized seeing that you can reply directly to a topic. I will try to keep producing new topics for discussion, but feel free to add your own and paste/preserve your old responses if you have nothing new to add.

Topic #1: Why?
Why use a non-human character in your story?

Topic #2: Gender Dynamics

How many genders does your species have? Is gender random or controlled? What are physical differences between them? What are the societal differences between them? Is either gender restricted in some way? Are there separate customs for cross-gender interactions?

Topic #3: Sensory Priorities

Does your non-human character have more, less, or the same senses as humans?

Which do they rely most on?

Topic #4 is Romance / Courtship

What does “romance” look like? How many spouses does you species have? Do they “marry” or are relationships short term? What are some barriers they might face? Might they court other (fantasy) races? Etc.

TOPIC #5: Fashion and Accessories

What do they wear, when, why, and what is it made of? What wont they wear and why? How insistent are they about clothing in general? What do they wear that doesn’t count as clothing? Etc…

Answer to #1
Humans did not evolve on my planet. Instead, goblins and their sub-species filled that niche and gave rise to creatures similar to those found in fantasy settings.

Why do that? It’s a fantasy parody, other races are way more fun than humans to use for that. Also goblins being horde creatures makes for an interesting base to build societies from. And I like goblins (fairy-tale/folklore goblins btw. not Dungeons-and-dragons or overly violent LotR types. The sort that want a saucer of milk left out or they’ll put a hole in your sock and that’s about as bad as they get)



#1: Because I needed a reason for humans to acquire magic and I needed a more powerful entity creature things.

#2: Ha ha this one is perfect. The Ibis are genderless, and therefore actually all of them are Pansexual. Many choose to be a gender, for example Fyra was generally female, but on occasion she was like, “Hey, I’d like to be male for a day” Or some are just gender-neutral and in their human form exhibit both characteristics of genders. Or, maybe they’ll take some parts of female and some parts male.

#3: They have all the human senses, plus they have an extra sense that senses magical energy around them. They mostly rely on that sixth sense, with hearing, then sight, then smells, then touch.

#4: An Ibis will take a partner normally for life, of any sex. Some Ibis used to also partner with humans, which is the reason they have magic. On occasion, pairs of three will form as well. Actually, Ibis can reproduce without a partner, but it gives more variance to the genre pool.

#5: Whatever they want! The Ibis wear pants, skirts, coats, clocks, they go in their underwear, or without any clothes… They can’t feel cold, so it doesn’t really matter. However, when conversing with humans, Ibis generally wear robes.

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  1. Why use a non-human character?

Because using only humans in a fantasy story can be boring. At least in my opinion. :grinning:


For number 1. Cause some people have a real thing for fairy and elf girls.

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“Why use an non-human character in your story”

In a world where there is a lot of othering, a lot of us versus them, where the color of your shirt can mean you can get beat after a football game. Do we need to ask? Non Humans got it even worse usually not being able to hide that they are the other.

So from a psychological viewpoint, the other-other is a telling of how we treat the human-other.

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#2 Reply: Gender Dynamics

For the Tyvern (elves, basically), on the surface it’s presented as fairly binary (for the upper class at least) where there is a division between Ladies and Soldiers/Aristocrats. HOWEVER, a comment is made regarding the complete lack of visable sexual dimorphism between the sexes of that race, when one character quite easily disguises himself as a Lady, nude, in full public view except for a cloth over his unmentionables. Unfortunately it will probably be missed as a note on the fact that there is likely less of a sex-based distinction between Ladies and Soldiers/Nobles than there seems to be, and it’s more of a career choice. The prequel would be better suited for explaining that though, since it gets more into the workings of Tyvern society.

The reason I have them classed as Ladies though and not something more gender-neutral, is to play on the age old fantasy trope of WHERE ARE ALL THE WOMEN? With the Overlord at one point believing that Ladies are, in fact, a myth. (There are other female characters around but he’s specifically looking for those classed as Ladies, because Ladies are very good for revolutions and usually evil* NOTE: Based on dumb fantasy stereotypes and misogynistic books that form his world view, and give rise to the Overlord believing evil is clearly better)

Goblins likewise have no sexual dimorphism because I refuse to allow pretty-green-women to pass as a goblin for the sake of unnecessary sexualisation of perfectly ugly creatures. They also have a council of Goblin-Mums who they need permission from before they go do silly things, but not all female goblins belong to that council.

Drakuur males can grow bushy beards, where Females would have a little less chin-hair and more top-of-the-head-hair. Both are hideous and warty in various shades of off-green.
I’m sorry, but busoms are not a thing. My creatures don’t have mammary glands, having come from goblins it seems unlikely they’d be milk-drinking mammals. HOWEVER, Female Wyverkiiri (Race based on Incubi/Succubi) grow enlarged chest-warts that are used for attraction and detecting dragons. Societally though, those two (Drakuur and Wyverkiiri) are equal in terms of dynamics and opportunities. It’s only traditionalist heroes that would be dumb enough to think womenfolk are less capable and in need of protection.


Topic #6: Art

Do you’re non-humans have art? What do they consider high and low art? Do they have any celebrities of those art, any Monets or Mozarts?

Topic #7: Sleeping Arrangements

How do your species sleep? On beds, mats, stone slabs, what? Do they have a private space or sleep in one large space? Do siblings or romantic partners sleep in the same space? Does everyone sleep at the same time? Do they need/use pillows, blankets, or other equipment? How long do they sleep?

Topic #8: Meal Time

How many meals are there? Do they eat alone or with others? What do they eat, where does it come from, and do they use utensils? Are there rituals involved? etc.

“A”? No I have several races, all considered humanoid but only one is humans. I just wanted some high fantasy diversity and more leeway on character appearances.

you know I never expected anyone to ever ask this. Technically there are two species called Andro(Gods) and Gyno(Goddesses) in my book that only consist of a single gender. And of course they aren’t really “species” but high level beings that created the races in the first place.

The Gyno made all the animals and stuff.

The Andro made humanoids.

Physical differences being normal male to female anatomy. Bust, Hips etc. Wide shoulders, Flat hips etc.

Andro and Gyno don’t interact much coz they tend to inherently be unable to get along. For all the humanoid races there’s just … too much for me to go through lol - some of the culture isn’t even fully established. This stuff doesn’t fully come out for another few volumes.

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I do hope so, because mine aren’t going to win any awards for their personalities. :laughing:

Yea I’ve had a Elf and Fairy fetish for a long time.

Vampires are kind of a subset. Along with Aliens.

Ooo, this is a new one! Erm… my world didn’t have humans :smiley: So I went with the better option.