None of you know the meaning of writing



If you’d like to understand why you want to write I’m willing to discuss this topic on an individual level. Please PM me if you want to talk with civility; otherwise enjoy trolling the fuck out of this thread.


your only friendly troll


I really wish I wasn’t about to clock in for work because this is honestly the energy I’m here for.


The users I would tag here if I wasn’t banned from doing so…


I feel like I need this thread


Hey there

This thread looks like it’s better suited for the general writing help section of the Story Services club and I’ve gone ahead and move it for you.

Thank you for your understanding

Katherine - Community ambassador :katherinearlene:


Thanks for moving it to the correct thread. I didn’t really care where I posted this.


It’s totally no problem


work is a waste of time


hahahahahahahahaha totally man. I got banned for “trolling” an argument with women who were scared of the men trying to like you know score chicks on this website and they were like super pissed off for no reason. I mean comon, we have to defend the guys right?


Yeah I know moderators who are good at there job usually are. It’s those that think their superior end up making mistakes.


The women are pissed off for good reason.

And if a guy has already failed to pick up women on the websites where they’re actually willing to be picked up, like Tindr and OkC, maaaaaaybe he should reevaluate his methods before spamming women who haven’t even shown an interest in dating.


You have no right to discuss other topics than the one I purposed. If you wish to discuss something off topic I am willing only to do so with civility. I honestly could care less about your opinion.


Then I’ll civilly rephrase: Some men don’t know the meaning of writing a comment on a woman’s Wattpad story.

That said, there are some users who will freak out even if you do just comment on the story itself. They should replace “Please critique my work” with “Please massage my ego.”


Thank you for understanding. You’re not half bad at expressing your thoughts.

if I may as you a personal question. How old are you?


You got banned for insulting women and users directly, not for your opinions. You called an entire gender ‘whores’ and said things like ‘men have the right to do whatever the f*** they want to women’ . It had nothing to do with your opinions and everything to do with how rude and immaturely you handled the situation.


In addition, you offended both men and women in that thread. It was not a group of women overreacting to a civil argument, as you implied.


Please do not derail the topic this is not a discussion about men, women or any of that emotional nonsense.


Please stop trying to belittle me on the topic I am currently running.


I replied civilly to something you added to this thread, I don’t believe it’s off-topic. It’s not emotional nonsense, just a discussion about conduct.


I have no intention of belittling you