None of you know the meaning of writing



I’m 30something. And heavily pregnant with my husband’s third child.


No it is not on the topic I am wishing to discuss. Please leave this thread and go either read my book or go watch a funny movie. You are currently emotionally invested in another topic that I have no intention of discussing with anybody ever again.

How old are you?
Grow up.


oh shit\

power to ya

Three children is going to be rough!


Then stop doing it.


I read your book. I’m not emotionally invested, I’m just trying to let you know that your conduct was not acceptable. If you had no intention of discussing it with anyone ever again, then why did you dedicate a whole post to the situation in this thread?

‘How old are you’ is not a good counter. I am an adult. You are the one who needs to grow up if you can’t have a civil, unemotional conversation about what happened.


You are not an adult because you are attempting to derail the topic of conversation I clearly let out. You are currently not a friendly troll and you are pissing me off. I will report you if you continue attempting to discuss this topic as you are not very educated.




oh comon this isnt sup posed to be a show


I’m confused. Are we supposed to be talking about why we write? Is that the topic?


Yeah. what inspires you?


The idea that I could entertain people and make them happy with what I write.


Neat I was the same way for a long time but i ended up changing my viewpoint entirely about 1 month ago


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What is your viewpoint now?


Why did your viewpoint change?


Did you actually create an account just to say that? Like I know obvious inflammatory troll thread is obvious, but that comment’s pretty gross.


It’s too com plicated to explain in words


It’s too co mplicated to explain in words


Please be civil


Hey buddy, how old are you? I’m genuinly concerned based on the insult you attempted. I am 27 years old.