Noob Question: Ranking System

I am brand-spankin’-new to Wattpad, so I apologize if this is a stupid question. Just trying to wrap my head around everything.

I uploaded the first few chapters of my novel just yesterday. When I created each chapter, a “Read” would be counted, so 3 chapters posted = “3 Reads”. This morning, I began to post in the forums to increase visibility, but obviously from my number remaining “3 Reads”, I know no one has bitten yet.

So, if this is the case, why do I have Rank at all? And out of thousands of stories? I’ve read the Wattpad FAQ on ranking and it’s all still clear as mud. I did find this post ( that kinda clarified things, but still makes zero sense to me if no one is clicking.

Here’s my current ranking so you can see the numbers. Can anyone shed light on how I can be that high up when I’ve not had any readers?

(Note: not sure if this figures into the algorithm, but I was added to a few reading lists due to my posting in the forums. Read number remained unchanged, but would this have anything to do with it?)

And thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

I don’t really understand how ranking works either, but welcome to Wattpad!


Haha, why, thankie. :slight_smile:

It’s not a big deal - I guess it’s just a puzzle I don’t at all get.


I think updating/posting new stuff boosts your ranking somehow?

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Hrm - I reckon it must do. It’s the only thing I’ve been doing beyond my initial chapter posts.

But if that’s the case, that’s a wee bit deceptive, isn’t it? Makes it seem like, “Hey, you’re doing pretty good!”, but in reality, no one’s paying attention. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I try not to look at rankings too much for just that reason. Raises my hopes, only to bring them crashing down when I realize it’s not because people are reading, it’s because I’m posting like crazy. Oh well.


Ugh, okay - well noted.

Thank you for your help!

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The tag ranking system is not working on Wattpad and they are working on getting it resolved. For example, overnight, my story tag rankings disappeared.

Further, they are planning to revise tagging and ranking based on everyone’s feedback.


Ahh, that makes a lot of sense! Thank you!

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Probably your read count is getting late, it happens xD
When did you upload your story?

Late last night UTC. Pretty certain until this afternoon, no one knew of it or read it as I just started to get involved in the forums. Just found it odd I’d be ranking at all at this point.

The only theory I can form on this, and I call this a theory only. Do not take this as a means to an answer or anything like that.

I believe when someone searches a specific tag, your own will probably appear in that search result.

Then depending on the most that clicks on a specific tag, this might be the reason why the algorithm does not perform as intended.

Say that someone searches #Grim

Every story with that tag would be exposed.

Then let’s say they search a tag with #Dog

And more clicks on the one with the dog. Even if it hasn’t been searched as often, I believe due to how many clicked that book based on that tag, it determines the ranking the next day for your book.

So in reality, you may rank higher elsewhere, but based on the previous results, your book will rank in that way the next day.

Apologies if this is confusing, but this is just a theory is all. I cannot draw any solid conclusions unless I am presented with some hard evidence.


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Like @MissSo-called said. Tags are broken. I hit 16 in dragons one week out of 60k stories with no reason why I would be there. My reads jumped up by 500 in a day, so I’m not complaining, but day by day I fell in the rank, and now all my big ranked tags have dissapeared despite my book having a rank in them since its con option on WP.

Ranks are broken and bogus. Sometimes you get lucky and get a high spot which increases your exposure exponentially, but mostly they don’t work. Ignore them until WP finally fixes the issue, and who knows when that’ll happen.

Course, my sole intent here is to gain exposure as an author until I can get my works published through an agency. If WP chooses to be that agency, then cool, but I’m aiming for the traditional method personally, so it doesn’t matter what my popularity is here and if it translates into purchases later. Although, I plan on keeping excerpts in the off chance I do funnel some fans from here. Point is, WP is great to get your work in front of your intended and unintended audience and gain some feedback to consider when tweaking your stuff, and help grow as a writer. That seems to be the most beneficial benefit in my opinion that this place has to offer.


I uh, I’m actually doing the opposite of you. :slight_smile:

This book is recently published, but I want to grow more of a readership so I decided to serialize it for free, hoping to attract readers for future projects.

If anything, I would say exposure is exposure, no matter the platform. The more readers I can get anywhere, the better for me in the future. Maybe that’s me just being silly, but considering most of my readers are built around my Twitter and all, if I can branch out, I’m pretty happy.

But good to know about the ratings being glitchy. Maybe I’ll get lucky and have it be more glitchy in my favor, though I’ve never really been the lucky type. :slight_smile:

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At one point I was almost top ten for sci fi novels and with very few views. I think the ranking system makes as much sense as a lot of the featured stories on wattpad… and that’s saying something

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Supposedly reads on WP very rarely translate to sales or fans offsite. That’s the common consensus anyways. It has to do with the dominating demographic the site has, teenage girls. But since we’re both hoping for some sort of translation, good luck to you on that!

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Aye, I’ve heard the same thing. But as my audience is predominantly teen girls, I’m hoping something will give. Lol, I don’t write romance though, so it’ll likely amount to nothing. :wink:

I’m relatively new, too. Welcome! I’ve given up on figuring out the rankings.

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From what I’ve heard how rankings work when they are working is that let’s say you post a chapter every day on a Tuesday—from that Tuesday to the next aTuesday, wattpad takes into account your number of reads by how much interaction you got, ie. votes and comments, and uses that data to rank your book. I think I’m missing some ideas here however so take this with a grain of salt. However, I think this somewhat close to how the ranks are supposed to work, given that they are working, which they’re not.
Someone correct me where I’m wrong.

Welcome to wattpad!!

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I’m trying to figure out how exactly the tags work too. Since I’ve restarted progress on my book, it hasn’t ranked at ALL yet, despite this second draft arguably getting a lot more attention in a short amount of time than the first (the old draft did). No idea if things are broken or if it’s something I’m doing.