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complete payment
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story must be posted for premades

Covers: Permenant follow and 3+ lined non critsizing comment or three seperate any size non critsizing comments on newest chapter of one of my stories (will be told which upon acceptence)

Character edit: Permenant follow and 4+ lined non critsizing comment or four seperate any size non critsizingcomments on newest chapter of one of my stories (will be told which upon acceptence) and adding story to public reading list.

Premade: Permenant follow and 3+ lined non critsizing comment or three seperate any size non critsizingcomments on newest chapter of one of my stories(will be told which upon acceptence)




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Models cant be change (except for Totally opposite). font can be changed


JasmineTheDreamer | Accepted|Complete| ip
saoigreen| Aceppted| complete | ip


Request A COVER
title: Call Me Bomb
author: Appi Vincent
short summary: A person who betrays a friend, country, or principle; that’s the definition of a traitor. And I check every one of those boxes. In this fight against the rebels, I lost sight of who I am and found myself losing a war that I was sent to win. I’d dedicated myself to fighting the good fight, but somewhere got lost, turned around on my path. Now, I’m returning home with only the knowledge that we are going to lose this war and very damn soon. And I have no one to blame but myself. I’ll watch my husband die before my eyes, witness the men and women I’ve trained beside for years fall to the dirt, and be the reason for the rise of the revolution. A traitor is what I am. Call me Bomb.
ideas: I would like a black silhouette of a woman in the foreground, with the background being a grey mushroom cloud of sorts.
pictures: Wattpad won’t let me post photos/links of photos but I’d be really excited to see what you come up with if you have a different image in mind.
dark/light: dark
mood/genre: adventure
is the story published yet?: Not yet, but will be either tonight or tomorrow
anything else: what does fc suggestion mean?


Request A COVER
title: The Never Ending Blizzard
subtitle:* will he stop it
author: imtotallynotokay
short summary: a mad scientist cast a blizzard over the entire world and 150 years later all anyone knows is the cold. Ocean is named after something that is now covered in ice and is used as a road. At the age of 16 everyone has to decide if they want to try and turn off the machine keeping the world a frozen wasteland or if they want to keep living life in the cold. (I’m remaking a book I wrote 4 years ago off of memory so this is all I can come up with for tee summaty right now).
ideas: I was thinking of having a guy on the cover with snow in the background and maybe a tower in the background as well

image image
dark/light: dark
mood/genre: science fiction
Inspo: image image image
is the story published yet?: no but will be soon
anything else: what does fc mean?


I’m sorry but im going to have to deny your request I just don’t feel I could do it justice.


Fc is short for faceclaim. but before I accept or deny do you have any casting/faceclaim ideas for you cover? Or an idea of what your character looks like? since one picture had white hair the other dark? and eye color as well?


I don’t I just thought you could choose whatever you feel like the guy just needs short hair but maybe blue or brown eyes.

And Logan lerman is a good person to use for face claims.


accepted please complete the required on either Court of Dandelions or Court of bone and shadow


Payment completed


Request A Character Edit:

Face claim: Madelain Pestch

what you want changed: Her eyes should be bigger and her lips my plump

ideas/background: The background should be dark grey or black with blood red swirls on it. The character’s name is Lenora Crane. I want her name in red with a white border maybe? Also, her name should be in cursive.

dark/light: Dark

color scheme: here

anything else: Would my faceclaim above be the password?



So this is what I came up with, let me know what you think if you’d like any changes




Please complete required payment.

Also is there any certain image you’d like edited?


It looks great thank you


so glad you like it!


Not nesesarily


please let me know when payment is complete!




Would you be willing to make me another cover? It’s okay if you don’t want to.


Done with payment


yeah feel free to request as much as you like. I’ll look over and let you know



This is what I came up with let me know if you’d like changes

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