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Thank you! I’ll give you credit once the chapter is up!


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title: detective evans
author: imtotallynotokay
short summary: (I haven’t planned if out completely it’s just a rough rough draft rn) it’s basically a Brooklyn nine nine au about a male oc who’s a detective transferring over to the 99 and jake peralta questioning himself
ideas: I was thinking of having a guy with short dark hair and heterochromia eyes on the cover with prescient 99 in the background and maybe jake peralta in the background too.
pictures: (you can just use these as inspiration I wasn’t really sure what I wanted exactly)
image image image image image image
faceclaim: n/a
dark/light: light
mood/genre: action, romance / fanfiction

image image our__first__date_by_loebiebs-dae29nk
is the story published yet?: no (I like to have nice covers before I post books)
anything else:


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So this is what I came up with, let me know what you think if you’d like any changes. I’m unsure abotu this one you’d like a redo let me know. I can change the guy with heterochromia or I can have just him its up to you.

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i love the first one thank you


im so glad you like it :slight_smile:


Request A COVER
title: The Billionaire’s Baby Agreement
subtitle:* Part I & II
author: Dredge
short summary: Ava Montgomery is a waitress. Dex Clarkson is a billionaire who frequents the cafe that Ava works at. He comes up with an agreement for her to carry his heir.
ideas I was thinking Jamie Dornan (preferably without facial hair) standing in front of a window and behind a baby’s room and behind Phoebe a house.
Or Phoebe and Jamie standing next to each other with trees around them and orange leave floating around them.
pictures image image
faceclaim Phoebe Tonkin and Jamie Dornan
dark/light: light
mood/genre: General fiction/romance
is the story published yet?: Yes
anything else: no, thank you. Phoebe Tonkin.


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title: Bound To You
subtitle:* A King only bows down to his queen
author: bella esther
short summary: two long time enemies finally meet to end a conflict but when they meet, the two realize that they are mates, leaving one pining for the other and the other upheaving everything in her way to escape.
ideas: a girl in nature, looking maybe lost or hopeless, and some moonlight.

faceclaim: none
dark/light: dark
mood/genre: dark, gloomy mood,
Inspo: this was the last cover which i loved:

is the story published yet?: yess
anything else: thank you


I absolutely love your art! Its amazing!

Request a cover

title: A Golden Flame
subtitle:* Some fear fire, she becomes it.
author: BadassSaasha
short summary:
Raven always was the wild one. She wasn’t the kind if person everyone liked, but she was the kind they all needed.

When Alex Knightwalker entered her life, she found herself roped into a world of vampires and witches. A grave mistake leads her to getting cursed and she ends up being the first of her kind, a half vampire and a half witch.

P.S. This ain’t the official description bht it pretty much covers what is included in my story.
ideas : I was thinking that since fire is a metaphor for the main character, fire aroyjd the girl would do nice.Though i suck at these things so I am open to other ideas.


faceclaim : Candice King


dark/light: Dark
mood/genre: Fantasy Romance
is the story published yet?: No, it isn’t but i will be publishing it by the end of February, hopefully.
anything else: Yes, sorry but what does inspo mean?

Thank you!:smiley:


I’ll have your cover done for you by tomorrow!


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Also do you have a certain look for the girl? Hair, eye, skin color? Or did you want me to use the same model in your original


before I accept or deny did you have an ideas for the cover? the section seems to be missing from your form


i dont have any specifics for her, but maybe brown or black hair. The pics i have you can use or just use for reference. I’m not picky if you have other ideas


title: The Mafias Woman
subtitle: She was venom waiting to kill
author: yamamsahoe
short summary: mafia finds girl little do they know she isn’t who she seems to be.
ideas: The girls face must be up close and personal with lighting and the bg a bit darker.
pictures: pick any of Karen wanes best pictures of your choice.
faceclaim: Karen Wazen
dark/light: dark
mood/genre: seductive, dark, suspenseful
Inspo: Wattpad isn’t letting me post the link so ill private message it to you :frowning:
keep it simple but catchy, I really like this type of handwriting
is the story published yet?: yesss, it is currently called the second. I will change the title as soon as I get the cover.
anything else:no thank uuu <3


your covers are so good omg do you only do character manips like adding stuff to them or do you also like add two people together?


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