Not fond of this new color scheme



I noticed this morning that the colors of the site have changed, and I am not fond of it. Just look at this. It’s so ugly.

Not only that, it makes it harder to read - especially comments. The small text that says the date on which the comment was posted is now the same color as the background

Does anyone know how to turn it back or is this our life now?


Honestly? I like it. It makes texts bolder and it’s nice, in my opinion. But no, sadly for you, I don’t think you can change it - I checked the settings. Sorry.


The extreme contrast hurts my eyes more.

It stinks that there’s no way to change your preference when it comes to this… And no one warned us about it either. I really have a strong thing against all these updates because no one ever warns us


Hmm… yeah, true. While I do like the change, they should’ve warned us first or at least be able to change it back to the old colour scheme for the ones who prefer it first.


As someone who has bad eyesight… This is awesome! Finally it’s not all muted greys but blacks and I can easily see it all without squinting or you know… Wearing my glasses. :nerd_face:


I guess we’re on different ends of the spectrum. I’m simply too light sensitive for this xP


I usually don’t have the brightness on my screen turned up to max, so that’s rarely a problem.

Except on these forums before we got the dark theme. Hooooot damn that was a killer.


I dislike it. It’s too white, too bright, and it really doesn’t agree with my astigmatism a notch.


I quite like the new scheme. Except for those dates in the comment section - those definitely need to be darkened cause they’re simply impossible to read without highlighting. Otherwise, it highlights the more important parts of the page quite well and looks pretty clean.


I knew something was missing in the comments! It’s the damn time!

Yes. That needs to be darkened. I can’t see them at all and kind of just… Kept wondering what was missing there?


Ah I agree. I’m not fond of that deep contrast. Do you also on docs recolour your words a navy blue?? Lol, or is that me?


Isn’t it always supposed to be like that? :confused:
Lmao, I have joined since 2013 but I didn’t even notice this for a bit.


Ehr… No. They added in more orange and made the colors contrast much more


I see :joy:

Maybe because I rarely use the website than the app


I must not have gotten the change yet because it all looks the same to me. :laughing: I still have to squint when reading on Wattpad because it’s a lighter gray text on a white background. My kingdom for a dark mode.




I don’t like it either. It’s harder for me to read and bothers my eyes too.


Gray on white! What a wonderful idea!

(Insert sarcasm)


I already have a hard time reading. Is there a dark mode for the app?


From what I’ve heard yes, at least for reading, but I don’t use the app so can’t say for sure. But theres unfortunately nothing for the web. I didn’t realize how much it would help until these clubs so now I really want one site wide for wattpad because it’s really helped some of my dyslexic issues.