Not fond of this new color scheme



I still don’t notice anything… I also only use the app, so that might be why I don’t see a change.



If this is what you mean, then yes there is a dark mode but it’s only for reading. It’s not for the entire app itself.


Still better than nothing. Is it in settings?


So, when you go to read a story and you’re in a chapter, there’s that orange bar up at the top and there’s an option to bring up these settings. It’s under the “Aa” button next to the three lines button (the three lines you usually click to pull out the character table of contents).




You’re welcome. :blush:


I just realize it coming to the app this morning, hmm
Prefer the old one, more colourful. Damn it become monochrome colour scheme :scream:

Sorry, but the black & white make me feel like I’m colour blind :confounded:


does anybody have any screenshots about what it used to look like? i use the website every single day and somehow i managed to completely not notice this change at all :woozy_face: am i ok lmao


I may have some old screenshots lying around. Lemme look



what have they changed? other than the colour of the date so it’s unreadable? :blush: i might not have particularly sensitive eyes one way or another; that or i’m looking at the wrong bits and not noticing the difference! :joy:


The colors have changed in such a way that it hurts my poor sensitive eyes. Let’s put the bottom pic next to eachother


The blue is also gone! That’s what changed. The blue balanced it out a little


ah, i see! i MUCH prefer the bottom one; i think it is the blue, actually. neither hurts my eyes, but without the blue all the accompanying text for each book sort of blobs into one list that’s easier to skim over.


MAYBE the top one looks cleaner? at a push? hmmm. thanks for pointing this out, i can’t believe i didn’t notice lmao


Maybe you’re less observant. I’m more observant than most


i thought i was observant! :joy:the cold harsh reality of the truth haha


Maybe it’s because I’m on my phone viewing this, but the images look exactly the same to me. Will check on laptop to see if there’s a difference.

Edit: There’s a slight difference. My eyes aren’t that sensitive so I actually don’t mind the top one.


phew! i thought i was going blind! :joy:


At first I thought OP was talking about the orange color scheme, so I was super confused, haha. I literally wouldn’t have noticed the change otherwise.