Not fond of this new color scheme



It changed again! MY EYES!


Maybe it’s because I’ve always had problems with Wattpad with the stark white background and the darker gray text but still not black, but I still see no difference :rofl:


The chapter names were made bold. It hurts even more in contrast with the white

(Look at post #16 for the one that hurt, but a little less)


On a completely different note: Cool cover. :grinning::+1:


The cover is the one saving grace for my poor, battered eyes… @calmwolf made it for me :smiley:


Yeah, I noticed this too straight away. When you look at something constantly, you notice these minute changes.


… You found me out! Hide!
It’s much harder to stalk my reads since I crossed 1k yesterday… I can no longer do it on my phone


Hahah, nah, we all do that. :blush:


X3 happy to! Besides, I’m glad you let me practice on it lol


Perhaps there need to be a set of themes that users can choose from? I noticed the change but my eyes weren’t bothered by it but of course not everyone’s eyes are the same. I wanted a dark mode for reading here like on the app available on pc for a while now. If users can choose a dark mode, light, and grey mode it might be helpful for a lot of people.