Not responding to reviewers, always respond to comments,


One common bit of advice that needs to burn in a fire: never respond to reviewers.

It’s less that I disagree with the sentiment, so much as the sheer level of hypocracy some platforms have when trying to implement it.

On one hand, you’re expected to not respond to reviews. On the other, you’re expected to respond to any and all Wattpad comments to build a viable audience on here.

It’s either OK to talk to reviewers, or it’s not OK to talk to reviewers. But keep in mind, responding to people in the comments encourages the same kind of habits responding to reviewers does.

I shouldn’t have to state how that contradicts the intent of advice like “never respond to reviews”.

You can’t have both. It doesn’t work.


Yes it does - because you are confusing 2 completely different things.

Reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, iTunes, Kobo etc are customer opinions left for other customers. Those are NOT feedback for authors nor are they supposed to be used in that way.

Comments left on stories on Wattpad are feedback for the writer. Wattpad is primarily a site for writers to workshop their stories and receive feedback or to engage with their readers. This is a social media site, not a retailer.

I honestly can’t see why the distinction is confusing? You don’t respond to customer opinions left at a retailer site but it’s fine to engage with comments left on a social media site.


Comments on wattpad are not reviews. They’re the reader talking to the author. Comments are for the author, so absolutely you should be responding to them. If it’s criticism, a thanks. A suggestion, some discussion.

The thing, though, is that reviews are for the reader. Reviews are what comes after the book is out of the author’s hands. Comments are during. And even when people ask for reviews on their wattpad books, it’s still not for THEM. It’s for readers. As such, readers should respond but it’s really not wise for the authors to do so.

I basically echoed what AWExley said but more convoluted but like

idk you’re the first person I’ve found unable to separate the two.


I think you’re pulling in what is happening in the outside world. Out there with published works, you absolutely should not ever respond to reviewers. Really, don’t do it. You could end up in a shitstorm of epic proportions.

On Wattpad though? Well, we’re on a social platform. Part of uploading here is getting comments directly on our books and not just reviews. Our fans is interacting with us directly and not through Goodreads, Amazon, their own blogs or websites. So, definitely reply to all of the comments on your work.

But if you’re ever getting published, don’t reply reviews. It’s not gonna do you any good.

** EDIT: Oops. Both AWExley and Draco said the same. :woman_facepalming:


Really? I personally think it’s rude to not respond to them, or at least a simple ‘thank you’ to acknowledge their effort.


No, on Amazon and elsewhere it’s really not rude if you don’t respond because the reviewer isn’t really talking to you the author. They’re talking to other readers, either warning them about a book that’s full of errors or else gushing about a book that’s awesome. Don’t worry about being rude. There’s more of a tendency for the reviewer to thinks it’s creepy when the author responds, as if the author is watching over their shoulder in a kind of stalkerish way. Like the others said, it’s really just better not to respond to reviews on retail sites.


I always respond to reviewers, I didn’t realize that was an issue?


Well, it’s probably just safer if you don’t. Some reviewers might not appreciate a response, since they’re not expecting one. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


On here? Like I get if you have a published book there is a rule for it but I didn’t realize that was a thing on here.


You just painted that stalkerish image in my head and I agree, it is creepy. XD

But I guess it’s alright on Wattpad. Obviously not on Amazon or the likes


Oh no! I meant on Amazon, B&N or some other retail site. There are no reviews here, just comments, since it’s a social site.


Yes, exactly…there’s nothing wrong with responding here on Wattpad. Just not a good idea on Amazon, Goodreads and other similar sites.


Oh okay yeah, I heard people have gotten livid if authors respond to reviews of their book on good reads. Their was a massive debate about it.


Do not respond to reviews. There are few things you can do that make you look more petty and insecure than replying to a bad customer review.


That doesn’t surprise me. There have been a lot of author scandals when writers responded inappropriately to reviewers. But that’s definitely not an issue here on Wattpad. At least not as long as they don’t sell books. (=^ェ^=)


Yeah, I’ve seen some. Ruins the authors reputation. I hope my story gets published someday. I won’t respond to reviews if that ever happens.


There is one traditionally published author I will never read because of how she and her agent responded to a Good reads reviewer. So yeah the backlash can have a lasting effect depending on how many people see the bad reaction. Some people don’t realize how they behave on the internet doesn’t go unnoticed by potential readers. So when you’re published, either traditionally or self, it’s best to carry yourself in a professional manner.

Bad reviews of a published book are inevitable and absolutely should never be responded to. The reader has a right to dislike something. Hell I wouldn’t respond to good reviews either.

But on Wattpad where most comments might be trying to help as the writer is writing, absolutely respond to all of them. They’re taking time out of their day to try to help so it’s the least the author can do.


Yeah, I think that’s why I act more reserved online then in person. Employers can see what you do and say.

That makes sense, just don’t respond to any.

I thought so. Especially if you asked for someone to review it.


If it’s on Wattpad I’ll respond to the reviewer, but other than that, no I don’t respond, especially on Amazon and goodreads.

Book reviews are for readers, not writers.


I agree with all of the above, and would like to add:

If a review on Amazon is egregiously bad (like a rant that bashes the author more than the book), report it Amazon for deletion. “Spiteful comments” are a no-no.