Not Welcome On WattPad.


One night, some two years ago, I was looking through the Clubs and came across a post about an author who was leaving WattPad because, despite putting in tremendous effort, they were still buried in obscurity under the likes of middle schoolers writing real person romance fan fictions, even after years of writing. I remember one of the responses to that was something to the effect of “I’m so sick of this happening! Another good writer leaving because of this BS! Why does this site keep driving away writers who actually care?”

For some reason, that stuck with me, because it made me wonder if I’d be leaving at some point in the future.

About a year later, someone left a comment on my wall out of the blue. It read: “Hey man don’t disappear like so many others.” It’s still there, on my primary account, Obsidian Productions. At the time, I tried to reassure the person, letting them know that I was working on several projects, and in the process of re-uploading my entire 15-novel franchise to a brand new profile.

I wasn’t exactly expecting to blow up with reads. But I did think that the algorithms that run the site would at least try to help me out a little bit, considering I was regularly and consistently uploading content.

I launched my secondary profile, this profile, on February 5th, 2017. I uploaded 16 novels, 3 novellas, and 16 short stories to that profile. All of them written to completion, all of them edited and formatted pretty well, all of them having at least fairly decent looking cover art. The results of that? To this day, I have yet to break 100 Followers, and my most read title sits at 3.2k Reads.

After that much effort, with those results, I honestly can’t help but feel I’m just not welcome on WattPad.

Shadow Dwellers of Wattpad

No!!! You’ve worked so hard. I’m checking out your stuff right now! It looks great!


Ha, thanks! It’s admittedly a little too late now, since I’m taking down my S. A. Lusher account on January 1st, 2019.


Sad. :frowning:
You do what you feel you need to do. Wattpad has lost an incredible writer by the looks of it.


I can safely say that I’m not incredible, but I was diligent for awhile there. I wrote 15 novels over three years and that was a LOT of work. I know my perspective is kind of messed up because when I first started posting my original novel on my primary account (now called Obsidian Productions), it blew up like crazy. I managed to get 250k Reads, and hit #1 in both Sci-Fi & Horror. My main account still has a little over 1,600 Followers…and yet I’m lucky if anything I write gets between 100-200 viewers, and almost no one comments on anything at all anymore.


I’m honestly betting you are incredible.

And that’s just so sad. It’s frustrating that it doesn’t feel like all genres and all books are promoted equally. If I see one more Harry Styles fan fiction I might go insane. I mean. He’s fine - I just don’t want it in my face :blush:


I understand how you feel. I think about leaving too. Do what’s best for you. Wattpad isn’t for everyone and that’s fine. I wish you the best in all of your endeavors.


I tend to sacrifice quality for quantity, hence all the content. And man…I read an article earlier this year about someone who wrote a freaking 1 Direction fan fiction on WattPad, and got offered over 100,000$ to actually publish it as a book, and that…

That was really goddamned demoralizing. At one point there, I felt like I was gutting myself while running a marathon. I wrote 3 novels back to back during the last 5 months of 2016 in a desperate bid to get them done. It was pretty awful. And this person writes a freaking 1D fan fiction and gets a six figure deal.


Thanks, I really appreciate that. Best of luck to you as well.


I can imagine.

I’m frustrated that A) Established writers that have worked hard aren’t promoted more and B) Upcoming writers with quality content aren’t promoted more.


I think a lot of Wattpad authors don’t realise that they have to promote their books. With an oversaturation of books (I think there’s about 40 million?) it’s impossible to find every single one. So most leave simply because no one knows they exist.

For those interested in promotion, check out this thread: The Big Thread On How To Get Reads

There’s room for everyone here - but not everyone can get super huge. But actively promoting gives you a larger chance at succeeding.

Hope that helps (and that it’s even relevant to you)


HA! I just earned the badge Welcome on a post called Not Welcome On WattPad.


It’ll always be YA here. I hope you do better elsewhere man.

I always saw you around, but never got around to reading your works.

Do what’s best for you. You’re one of the many I’m seeing leave… and of course, experiment with other sites.

@AWFrasier you didn’t read the earlier post did you? About their earlier account?


First off, reads aren’t going to magically appear. It takes a lot of hard work, but Fanfiction is different. You automatically have an audience because they are familiar with the universe or boy bands in those FanFictions. After is an example of the Fanfictions.

I’ve promoted my story almost every single day for 3 months now and I’m nearly at 6,000 reads because of that for my original fiction.

Getting discovered is all about how much work you’re willing to put into making yourself known.


Honestly, you shouldn’t really focus on the amount of reads you are getting. For me, I am going through a period where I am not up to writing anymore because I feel like I am not putting out my best work. This is the first time in a long time I came to the “clubs” which I guess changed since it looks really different than when I first started here, but still, you shouldn’t leave just because you aren’t getting the results you were expecting. Writing isn’t only about the amount of people who read your work, so please don’t feel like you’re not welcomed!!! But I understand your frustration though


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Honestly, I tried some of that stuff. I posted on SYS threads and commented on several clubs for awhile there, and I’ve always responded to almost every comment I’ve ever gotten.

But the reality of the situation is that WattPad is a site to read and write. It’s not a social media site. If you are required to engage in message boards and social media and things of that sort, then something has gone wrong on the site.


Thanks! I’m hoping to go at it this next time around a little more coherently and a little less brute force. But honestly, I’m garbage at marketing and social media.


That’s always been a waste of time, especially with genres like Horror :frowning:


SYS threads are just for other writers. Never had a reader tell me they found my story in those threads.