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Because it is impossible to understand what is going on in the story and comment intelligently if you do not. I have finished a few r4r for 40+ chapters, chapter by chapter, and that is what I hope for. Every paragraph in my chapter 1 has plenty of comments…

I am far more interested in those guys whose work, like mine, continues, and I am more than willing to invest into the long term, one or twice a week exchange, from cover to cover.


Oh, I see. I think I’m more into short term, as I never get past 11-12 chapters myself, so 40 chapters would be impossible for me


Heh, well, like I said, hard work is not the ingredient I am missing in my attempts to find success.


I’d pick adding a tag to tagging 5 friends any day!

I’m curious why you’re against tags. I think they’re really great for promotion. If there are other people in the contest you consider to be good writers, anyone reading their books will likely start to get recs for yours as well based on the shared tag. It becomes an association of quality versus just the subject matter that a lot of tags are.


Because adding a tag for their contest to my book does not really do anything. It is not like they are going all the way out to advertise their participants to the world or something. At best, you get a read on chapter 1 from their judge.

Nobody will search for other entries on a contest tag because they like someone else’s work. And you are only allowed 20 tags, so you forego the change to be rated in something for it.

The tags to friends is how we send those contests down the chain, so they fill up and the judges can start reading, finally.


I honestly think an awards tag does more work for my books than generic ‘small town’ tags do so I don’t mind them. People might not be searching for those tags, but it influences recommendations and more to the point, it makes those recs based on books/authors who are actually doing work to promote their books (as evident by entering contests and such) and those are exactly the people I like to be associated with.

I hate annoying friends with tags to things they probably aren’t interested in.


I do “no commitment” comment spams. Meaning I let people decide if they’re going to check out my work. If they do, fine. If they don’t, fine. I had my days of chasing behind people who refused to hold up their end of the bargain. Can’t do it anymore.


We are allowed 25 tags/story. You can read the full article here-


25 then. I still do not want to fill t(e tag list with the contest tags that I will never hear again from in 99% of the cases.


I’ve tried to be smart with the tags on my stories. Getting the balance between Popular tags and tags with not a lot of books so my story might go up the ranks quicker lol


If the contest falls through, it would make sense to erase the tag. It’s dead and therefore no one would find it on purpose any more. It’s also okay to erase the tag if the contest does conclude and you’re not a winner. There’s no need to keep a tag that’s no longer relevant.


Don’t be silly.

The whole point of the magical algorithm is not to eliminate the need to endlessly market yourself; Nothing Wattpad could possibly do would help with that!

Popularity is a zero-sum game. If somebody is more popular, then somebody else is less popular. There’s only so much popularity to go around, so it’s not even possible to give everybody a bigger share.

It’s like options trading if “money” comparisons are where you’re at. For every profit, there is an equal and opposite loss.


You know, there are people on this thread who I think would take issue with that notion.


I don’t think it’s necessarily true. (Just as a quick example, Fifty Shades of Grey got popular in part because Twilight was popular. FSoG was Twilight fanfic, so Twilight’s popularity actually aided FSoG.) Besides that, popular authors have platforms where they can broadcast and promote books they like from lesser known writers.

Liking one thing doesn’t necessarily take away from the popularity of another. I have hundreds of books on my shelf— not one.

That said, popularity is always going to be pyramid-shaped. A few things hit it big, and most things just exist. But that’s not a zero-sum game, either.


That requires a lot of maintenance and checking back on the contests in my view, so I just decided not to enter the ones that want tags and 2+ follows to maximize my return on the time invested.


When EVERYBODY is reading more every year, then there can been a net gain of popularity for writers. But if people are reading, say, a thousand pages a year - or two, or three, or whatever - then that’s the amount of attention that’s being paid to written material, period, so that’s all the popularity there is to go around among writers.

It hasn’t changed much in my lifetime, nor my grandfather’s. And I don’t expect it to. The amount of human attention in the world is strictly finite, and won’t change except insofar as the number of humans changes. But even that doesn’t make any difference to the attention available to a given writer, because the number of writers changes at the same rate.

The level of available popularity is the amount of attention writers get from the public. It doesn’t change. If JK Rowling is more popular this year, then it’s because people are reading more of her books. And if they’re reading her books more, then on average, they’re probably reading Timothy Falcon Crack’s books less. Because the amount of reading the public does, on average, doesn’t change much from one decade to another.


There’s only so many books specific authors have, and only so many times you can re-read them without getting bored. Eventually, those readers will look for new books.


True, I have read quite a bit of Stephen King, but after a few you begin to notice the same themes, same fears, same methods again and again and… well. Time to read something else!


I just wanted to chime in. I read the first few posts of this thread, but I didn’t expect it to go on as long as it did. I will also not claim to have read the 1558 posts on this thread. So, I don’t know if some of my points have been said already.

I consider myself very accomplished in terms of stats on wattpad. In fact, I could easily say I get in way more than I put in on the site. I’ve probably read like four stories. Yet, in less than 2 months, I had 20,000 reads, 1,000 votes and ~500 followers. (Yes, my profile is currently a little over 2 months old.)

That didn’t happen randomly, and I don’t attribute my success to the algorithm at all. Shoot, I still can’t be on top of the rising list because I’m still stuck as a “new” story.

  1. I asked Facebook friends and close friends to read my story when it was new
  2. I brought in readers from relevant threads and subreddits on reddit
  3. I brought in readers from relevant facebook groups
  4. I brought in readers from relevant forums (in fact one forum has probably brought me at least 2,000 readers)
  5. This is the most important one. I sent a PM every hour that I was awake asking people who read trash stories with similar plots to read my story. This is where almost all of my 1,000 votes came from.

Sure, I won a contest. 1st place in general fiction for April’s Book Awards actually. It was a great confidence booster, but I don’t think it brought me any extra reads. Maybe, now that I have a sticker, it’s likely someone’s more willing to look at my cover and read my summary.

Sure, I’ve posted in SYS threads, done read for reads, offered critiques, but there’s nothing that will play the algorithm to your favor like bringing in a reader who is guaranteed to fall in love with your work and vote on all your chapters. I’m still ranking in the top 25 of science fiction, a major category, and I’m currently taking time off of writing because I’m depressed. I haven’t posted a new chapter in like a month, but every couple days a reader I PMd some time ago will check out my story and vote on every chapter.


Damn. Congratz. That first of all