Not Welcome On WattPad.


It’s important for me to mention that when I was thinking about where I would post my story, I chose wattpad because I knew the story would be successful here.

Age-regression stories have been done on here to high success. In fact, there’s a diaper fetish story with about 800,000 reads that’s unedited and relatively poorly written. Most of the regression hot list is completely unedited and hard to follow. I knew that I stood to be the best if I posted here.

A few other things that I knew would boost my success.

  1. The main character is black and so are the supporting characters, I knew I would trend on all the diversity tags.
  2. It’s a sci-fi story, and I knew I could trend on that category.
  3. It’s a young-adult book, and most of wattpad’s base are young adults.
  4. The two supporting characters are therapists. I knew I would trend in that tag. In fact, I was #1 for a very long time.
  5. It’s about depression, but it’s a feel good story. So, it does very well under depression and therapy.

I’m blanking because I just woke up, but my point is just that it’s all calculated. If you really want success on wattpad, you just have to take it. I can try to explain to other writers until I’m exhausted why my strategy works, but most people are hung up on the notion that one person might be offended by getting a PM.

I owe every single high rank I’ve ever taken on a hotlist to someone who I PM’d voting on all the chapters of my story. That’s how the algorithm works. Because of just 3 people giving me 45 votes in an hour, BAM I rank high. Ranking high gives me the chance to reach a thousand more readers instantly. It’s worth accidentally offending one person over the course of a month.

I took the success I wanted, and I don’t regret it.


I trust that you have been on Facebook and had many friends for a number of years, you did not just went and recruited people to be your friends overnight b/c you wrote the book, did you?

Most people who have problems with social media exposure do not have a place to start and are not interesting to other people socially.


I only have about 500 facebook friends, and probably only 11 of them actually checked out the book.

I did join forums and reddit for the sole purpose of recruiting people to read my book.


So did I. I have two or three FB friends and no RL friends.

I twit, I participate in the forums, I practically work as a part-time reader on WP.

I trend high in a variety of small tags.

I wrote and posted over 150K words in two books… and they are not bad books by any means.

My reads? Not worth mentioning.


Did you post all the chapters at once?


No, I post 2x a week, like a clockwork, and had been for months.


2x a week did seem to work great for me


The rules of thumb are great rules when people actually want to read your stuff. Oh, well.


Okay, that’s good. At least you aren’t making the big basic mistake that most authors do.

Here’s what I think is your big problem, and I’m sorry if it isn’t what you (or potentially another reader of this thread) wants to hear.

If you aren’t geared towards kids, your chances of high or even moderate success on wattpad are slim.

If there’s anything that the featured stories on wattpad that fail to reach over 50k reads have shown me is that historical fiction will always struggle on this site, and that’s cause most young people don’t read that.

I’m not that young (I’m 23) but I hate adult fiction, always have. So, I can easily get into the mind of people who don’t read adult fiction which is most of wattpad’s users. Let’s say I’m in high school, an adolescent and I use wattpad after school.

My interests are going to be pretty basic at that age. (This is easy to assess. Look at what’s trending on tv right now). I want to read about relatable characters (teens struggle with social acceptance. Relatable characters help with that.)

Prose is not attractive to young readers, and it isn’t to me. You’re a great writer. That’s undoubtable, but just doing a skim over your first chapter, most of it goes over my head. “black-laquered” “filigree” I don’t know what it means, and I’m far more likely to click out than go search the word.


I don’t know about this. I write romance, and my two most popular books are about women in their mid-thirties. I also have a book that’s done okay and the heroine is 45.


So, maybe you are right. Maybe historical fiction/ adult fiction (erotica is a bit different) writers aren’t really welcome on wattpad. I can see that.

Maybe wattpad needs to offer an adult section where they attract more adult readers to the site. Because for ya’ll success doesn’t look like what it does for me as a YA writer.


What’s confidence?


I agree that literary fiction would be a tougher sell on Wattpad. As far as historical fiction, Rob Thier has done pretty well with his books.


I will say you are a bit of an exception because of the billionaire tag. Teens seem to go crazy over that tag on wattpad. In fact, I once watched a YouTube video where a writer offered tips for new writers. They attributed almost all of their success on the site to first writing under that tag.


I do write erotica, but not for Wattpad. One of my books, about a newspaper publisher who is 33, has 1.4 million reads. There are no open door sex scenes in the Wattpad version. (There are plenty of sex scenes in the version on Amazon).


I will readily admit that I do write billionaire stories. They’re probably a bit different than the usual billionaire fare, though.


Only? I barely have half this number following my official Facebook profile, and it’s been going for almost literally six consecutive years.

Six. Years. 266 Followers. And 137 friends on my personal Facebook.


Oh I already checked out your profile lol. Crash is recommended to me like EVERY day.


I write Historical Fiction and have reached 1.5K reads with 11 chapters which, for me, is a great number.

Wh should I change writing what I love because it’s not popular? It’s frustrating to see people activly try to steer people from writing genres they enjoy just to get popular


Ha! That is being written specifically for the Next program.