Not Welcome On WattPad.


Someone who has a wonderful success that I know writes steamy historic fiction, so… there is no hard and fast rules.

There is also no Adult Wattpad.


I don’t have TV.

Lol, I never stopped struggling with that.

I’m literally still writing about my interests from when I was a teenager.


You’ve said this in another thread, and I am not, nor have I ever suggested that.

I am saying that by writing adult/historical, it’s unrealistic to try to compare yourself to a YA writer in terms of success.

I am a first-time author. Legitimately before this story, I never wrote another dialogue story in my life. I am a scientist, in fact so I have very little training in the arts.

How am I outdoing authors who have years ahead of me in skill? By writing what I’m writing. That is the only thing I have going for me. I’m no prodigy.


Literally proves my point for me. This was exactly my point about WattPad.


There are no hard and fast rules, but there are trends.


So basically your advice is “Be lucky enough that what you want to write and what is popular on WattPad will align?”


Well, my next book, I am going to put under mature/erotica. maybe then I might be able to interest the teens in the affairs of the grown-ups outside high-school locker room.


No my advice is:

A. Write something that’s popular and hope that the readers might check out your other book that you’re more excited about. Also, I read that in a wattpad strategy guide. So, I don’t take credit for the idea.

B. Adjust your expectations of success for what you’re writing.

C. Change your goals. For example, even if my story didn’t become popular (even though I wouldn’t consider it popular. I did really enjoy the earlier conversation about how long the brain allows you to feel successful. I regularly feel extremely unsuccessful) I planned on getting the book on amazon. I still do. Wattpad is just a place for me to post as I go, and eventually do the first and second re-writes before it’s ready to be published. If I focus on that, then my reads and votes and comments don’t really matter.

D. Post some place else in addition to wattpad. When I write fanfic, I have every intention of also posting it on archiveofourown.


Some of Wattpad’s most popular books are not geared towards teens, so I don’t know what you’re talking about, honestly.

Also, you advertised a whole lot which is something this author has stated they do not want to do multiple times because they feel like they are not earning their reads if they don’t come to them naturally.

I know you haven’t read earlier posts, but basically everyone has been saying that they need to socialize and advertise like you are saying.


Most of wattpad’s most popular books are geared towards teens. That is my point. That is my only point. Statistics is what I’m looking at. Yes, you can exist outside of the bell curve and be 3 standard deviations above the mean, but it’s tough to do that. How many people in this thread can say they scored a 2400 on the SAT? I’d bet not many because the average, the bell curve is a 1500.


To be absolutely clear. I am merely saying that the average for a YA fiction writer on wattpad is NOT the average of a adult fiction writer on wattpad.

If the average for a YA writer is 50,000 reads. I think it’s fair to say the average for an adult fiction/historical fiction writer is 5,000.


But the most popular books are NOT geared towards teens.

Chasing Red? Storm and Silence?

Romance is the most popular genre on here and there’s a bigger teen audience on the site for sure, but the most popular books are not necessarily books GEARED towards teens.

Teens read them, sure, but they weren’t the target audience.

Like you said before, I believe it’s more about trends and such. Tons of NA books are popular on here, like I’ve said before.


I don’t read romance, but I have heard of Chasing red a lot on the forum. So I just went to check it out.

That book may not be geared towards teens, but it’s still at a level that they can read at. The vocabulary used is at a teen level. It’s relatable with the straight A college student and boy on the basketball team theme.

That’s the thing, newadult isn’t necessarily adult fiction. It’s that gray area between young adult and adult. Most people still consider it YA.


“At a level that they can still read it”???

Do you think all teens are morons or something?! Most teens who read read much more sophisticated works than I think you realize. We can understand everything perfectly, my friend.

Also NA is adult fiction. Maybe adult fiction about a sixty year old may be a bit out of reach for most of the people on this site, but it’s also not popular in trad publishing. But even characters in their thirties have success on here!

I think it’s more about luck, the current trend and popularity of what you’re writing about, and the amount you advertise more than anything.

Like I said, there’s a lot of “adult fiction” books that are popular on here. Just because they’re about romance or fluff like that instead of tougher topics or that they’re about people in their twenties or thirties doesn’t negate that the target audience isn’t teens!


Mate, not everyone in this thread is from the US. US is not the only country in the world. Think a little bit less America-centred. Thank you


Preach, my friend. PREACH.


I literally have no idea what the SAT’s are xD


From all the Americans talking on Wattpad, I have gathered it’s their exams or something


I think they’re important tests that high school students have to take in their final year? That’s what I know from TV, at least :joy:


Yeah, I think they are xD We do exams but it’s not something we go on about all the time, you sit your exams and that’s that xD